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Friday, April 16, 2010

Pork Loin (4) - Freezer Packages

Continuing with the pork loin purchase and how I used it, this post will show how I put some up for future use.  Part of my pantry/freezer management style is to view those resources as being a bank.  That means constant small deposits that add up for those times when I need a larger withdrawl.  When I come across a good sale such as this pork loin, some will be used immediately while the rest will go into the freezer or even be canned.

This was a good sized pork loin at 8.57 lb.  While it would have been easy enough to use up this piece of meat over a one week period I chose to cure 2 lb of it for use the following week and use up about 2 lb for fresh eating leaving the remainder for the freezer.  I cut the loin into six 1-inch loin chops which gave seven nice pieces including the end piece.  I cut the end piece into cubes knowing this would be just the right amount to add to vegetables as a pasta or rice topping.  The end result was enough for four meals for two people.  In total about 4 lbs of the pork loin or half of it went into the freezer.
I prefer using a FoodSaver vacuum sealer for sealing any meats or other foods I put into the freezer for longer term storage.  I do not use the brand name bags though.  Rather I buy mine online at a fraction of the cost for what I feel is better quality bags.  I am not affiliated with this source but you can email me for details where to buy. 

Vacuum sealing prevents freezer burn and allows the food to be kept for a longer period of time.  It is possible to vacuum seal meats in a marinade so when they are thawed they are ready for cooking.  In most cases I vacuum seal without a marinade to give myself more options when the meat is thawed.

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