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Cook ingredients that you are used to cooking by other techniques, such as fish, chicken, or hamburgers. In other words be comfortable with the ingredients you are using.
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kitchen Quick Tips - Cracking Eggs

kitchen quick tips

Always crack your eggs over a separate bowl. That way if an egg is bad it will not contaminate the other ingredients and you won't waste the other ingredients by adding a bad egg.

2 food lovers commented:

Jen said...

I've always heard to do this but just what am I looking for in a bad egg? What makes it bad and how would I know? Would it smell or have a different color?

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Jen, if you want to test for egg freshness place an egg into lukewarm water. If it sinks the egg is fresh. If it balances on the small end the egg is about 3 weeks old. If it floats the egg is rotten. So that is one way to tell the freshness of eggs. If you crack a rotten egg you will definitely smell it! The egg will have a very unpleasant, sulphur smell. An egg that is just going off will have a cloudy white appearance. HTH