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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blade Steaks on Indoor Grill

We grill year round using mainly our outdoor gas grill or one of two of our indoor grills. An indoor grill can be part of your stove as in our Jenn-Air® range or stand alone. So far I've showed how to grill T-bone steaks on the Jenn-Air® and round steak on the Charlescraft tabletop grill. I've also showed how you can use a griddle to cook cowboy steaks. Indoor grilling or even cooking steaks on the griddle presents a few problems.

Grilling by default creates smoke that is not necessarily good in the house. In addition indoor grilling creates grease splatters and indoor house odours. Tabletop grills try to minimize this by the addition of water to a tray below the grilling surface. Stove grills do not do this so you get better flavour. A fume hood or downdraft venting system is a must with stove grilling units.

blade steaksBlade Steaks

Blade steaks are cut from the chuck so marinating when grilling or braising are the preferred methods for cooking. There is more fat but it is a very flavourful and economical cut of meat. Despite the fact some sources say you should not grill this cut as is without marinating we have had good luck doing so. One reason for our success is the thickness of the cut always being at least 1 - inch thick. The second reason is this is a cut we like to grill to rare or medium rare with just a light rub. The third reason is we always let the meat warm to close to room temperature before putting on the grill.

blade steaks on indoor grillOn Indoor Grill

Pictured are the blade steaks almost ready to come off the grill. The smoke arising from the steaks is pulled down and out through the downdraft system. It is surprising how much clean-up around the grill unit is necessary. This includes the wall, stove surface and anything nearby. It is also surprising how the smell of grilling steaks indoors lingers. The easy way to deal with any odours is good ventilation and immediate clean-up. Then set out a couple of bowls of white vinegar that will take care of any lingering odours.

Grilling indoors is much the same as grilling outdoors as far a doneness. The same grilling rules apply. The only real difference is the heat may be a bit more controled. Rotate the steak 45º on each side while grilling about half way through to give well defined hashmarks. Turn the steak only once during the grilling process. Grill to desired doneness then let rest before cutting.

grilled blade steakGrilled Blade Steak

Grilled steak really does not need a lot to go with it to make a meal. We used a little Weber® Grill Creations® Gourmet Burger Seasoning® for a bit of a zipped up flavour. Served with oven baked potatoes and sautéd mushroms with a small side salad is more than enough for a meal.

Pictured is one of the grilled steaks that after its photoshoot had three quarters cut off and reserved for the follow day's dinner. When steaks are this large they make for a lovely picture but they really are too big for one serving. Left-over grilled steak is actually welcomed here as I use it in wraps, stir frys, soups and casseroles. It adds an element of flavour that you can't get from other cooking methods.

2 food lovers commented:

Lola said...

I am sooo jealous of your Jenn-Air®. Those steaks look wonderful.

Be sure to stop by my blog. I've got a cookbook review up.

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Lola :) Thanks and gosh were they were quite tasty!

I stopped by yesterday and left a comment so will check-out your cookbook review today.