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Saturday, February 20, 2010

End of an Era

Some of my kitchen appliances have been around for so long that they have become like members of my family. I knew for quite some time or at least suspected my food processor was seeing it's last days. In preparation for this time I bought the slice/shredder attachments for my KitchenAid® stand mixer. Still when I set up the food processor the other day then heard that noise when I turned it on I was a bit shocked. It couldn't be!

broken food processorBroken

The food processor is at least fifteen years old and it has served me well so I can understand it might be a little bit tired. Still it would have been nice if it had given me a bit of notice before simply failing to shred given I was prepping for our Superbowl Party. No there was just the noise!

Apparently the centre portion of the disk that holds the blades for slicing and dicing broke off (red arrow) meaning the spindle doesn't latch properly. The end result was a lot of noise and not much grating. All is not lost though as the chopping, whipping and blending portion of the food processor still works although likely not for long. It's sad to see an old kitchen friend on its last legs!

various shreddersVarious Shredders

It is funny that I'm sentimental over losing the food processor for grating and slicing. It isn't like I don't have a lot of shredding options ranging from the KitchenAid® attachments (electrical) to several mechanical means of shredding. So I should not be mourning the loss of the food processor for this purpose yet I am. It has been such a faithful, dependable performer in my kitchen. How could it leave me in the lurch like this?

I have not decided whether I will buy another food processor yet. Basically between my stand mixer, blender, knives and shredders there is no real need. I have looked at the KitcheAid® Pro food processor but haven't made a decision yet. I think I will try going without a food processor for a couple of weeks to see if I really miss not having one.

4 food lovers commented:

Lola said...

If you do get a new food processor make sure you get the full size one. I lost my full size cuisinart when my basement flooded. (I never did want it stored there, but I lost that fight/errrr discussion.) My partner got me the smaller cuisinart as a replacement. Last night I made a batch of Sofrito (for a cookbook review I have coming up) and it just barely fit. In fact when I opened it, it overflowed. The Sofrito was awesome by the way.

Chey can cook! (and more) said...

RIP food processor:( it's great that it lasted so long though!

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Lola :) The food processor bowl size sure does make a difference, doesn't it. Having to clean-up the overflow mess is a pain too.

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Chey :) The food processor certainly doesn't owe me anything. Indeed RIP.