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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Steak on Indoor Grill with Roasted Red Potatoes

During the holiday season one our our family traditions is to grill steak for dinner. This is aside of our normal surf and turf New Year's Day dinner. Between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve I thawed a couple of t-bone steaks and a rib steak. Now normally we would fire up the outdoor grill but Mother Nature decided it was a good day to have an all day rain and I'm not talking a light rain either! I talked my husband into using the grill cartridge on our Jenn-Air® slide-in range.

Jenn-Air grill with steakOn the Grill

The Jenn-Air® range has a downdraft system (green arrow) that efficiently removes smoke and odour from the grill to the outdoors through an energy efficient vent. A word on the eco-friendly vent, it is a Broan® with a unique design meant to stop all air flow in or out when the appliance in not in use. It is meant for a dryer but we have 3 - one for the stove, one for the dryer and one for the bath exhaust all working wonderfully and saving us money. Sorry guys this is Canadian only but if you get a chance to buy one I would highly recommend it.

Pictured are the steaks on the grill. An indoor grill will not give the exact flavour of an outdoor grill and by far the Jenn-Air® grill does a better job than the smaller countertop grill. There is considerably better control of the smoke from the grilling food. The temperature is also adjustable rather than just being one temperature of on or off so while the countertop grill works well for some applications the Jenn-Air® cartidge takes it a step further.

grilled steak with roasted red potatoesGrilled Steak

If you have been following this blog you have already seen several pictures of grilled steak. The method for getting a perfectly grilled steak is in the blog archives. What is a bit different is the roasted red potatoes side I served with the steaks. I think just about every recipe I found for roasted potatoes involved commercially prepared salad dressing which would not be a problem if i bought that but I've gotten away from commercially prepared in favour for homemade. Any salad dressing is based on oil and vinegar so I decided to make my own version of dressing for the potatoes using a bit of garlic pepper as the seasoning.

Method: Wash then cut the unpeeled potatoes into bite sized pieces. Pour about a half cup of salad dressing of your choice (homemade, commercial) over the potatoes. Mix well. Spread in a single layer on a baking sheet. Bake at 180ºC/350ºF until potatoes are golden brown and tender.

2 food lovers commented:

A Year on the Grill said...

jealous of the jenn-air... I was outside grilling at 15 degrees new year's eve

Garden Gnome said...

We grill outdoors year round as well. The Jenn-Air is nice for those days you want to grill but Mother Nature decides a blizzard is in order :)