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Sunday, January 03, 2010

My Christmas Foodie Gifts

I just love gifts that say hey I understand you as a person! To me they speak volumes beyond the gift itself because someone has taken their time, trouble and money to gift me with something they know I will use and cherish. I am extremely fortunate in that the majority of the gifts I receive fall under this category. This Christmas was no different.

How to be a Better Foodie by Sudi PigottHow to be a Better Foodie

Well now I didn't know I could be a better foodie but How to be a Better Foodie (ISBN 978-1-84400-641-0) by Sudi Pigott is going to tell me how. Can you think of a better gift for a foodie? According to the title this book offers a glimpse into the rarefied world of the expert gastronome. Oh my! A quick peek through this book promises to be a good read. I'm looking forward to becoming a better foodie in 2010! I promise to share what I learn with you. Many thanks to the gift givers for this wonderful, thoughtful gift.

The Cook's Garden by Canadian GardeningThe Cook's Garden

The same gift givers also gifted me with Canadian Gardening The Cook's Garden (ISBN 1-55278-347-2). This book promises to be a wonderful gardening and cooking resource in a unique presentation! A quick peak through shows various garden fruits and vegetables arranged according to season. Each fruit or vegetable is then discussed in detail with varieties and tips on growing. Following each discussion is several recipes using that fruit or vegetable. The book is "lavisly illustrated with more than 200 colour photographs"! The photographs of fruits, vegetables and recipes are quite stunning. Expect to see more on the recipes on this blog and the gardening aspect on my gardening blog, Garden Gnome Wanderings. Again many thanks for such a wonderful and thoughful gift.

Café Italia Coffee SetCafé Italia Coffee Set

Part of the enjoyment of indulging in espresso, cappuccino, lattes and other specialty tea and coffee drinks is the specialized cups to serve them in. A couple of gift givers gifted me with this adorablecappuccino set. There are 4 porcelain cappuccino cups with saucers, 4 small porcelain spoons and a coffee canister. The cheery deep reds, black and checks fit nicely with the other red accents in my kitchen. I can't wait to enjoy a morning cup of cappuccino in these cute new demitassse cups! Thanks so much to the gift givers of this wonderful present that I will be sure to enjoy for many years to come.

4 food lovers commented:

Chey can cook! (and more) said...

How thoughtful of them!

A Year on the Grill said...

Yeah... I did pretty well myself!!!

new dutch oven... new cast iron skillet and an herb garden kit

Garden Gnome said...

Chey, I was quite please. Now I just need the time to read them :)

Garden Gnome said...

Oh you did do well Dave! What are you going to plant in your herb garden kit?