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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Sneak Peek at My New Kitchen Colours

If you recall we moved into this during the first two weeks of September of 2011, taking official legal position as homeowners on September 15.  We really liked the colours but upon closer inspection it was quite obvious every room in the house needed freshening with a new coat of paint.  Part of the reason for this was the previous owners did soddy workmanship with respect to painting and the other being the colours just didn't flow as they should.

kitchen just after moving in
When we first moved in the kitchen was a taupe that looked nice but didn't mesh with the taupe in the living/dining area.  There was a awkward space that should have been tiled above the sink but we added a custom made cookbook shelf.  One of our friends is a fine finish carpenter who does amazing work.  He made us custom drink tables for the games room (will post more on this) and is doing a lot of custom work in our home.

The walls were a taupe that while it looked nice just didn't make the kitchen pop the way it should.  There was an open bulkhead that I considered putting items on for storage but having gone that route in our fourth house wasn't to anxious to repeat the cluttered look.  What I really wanted was something to accent the beautiful marble tile floor in the kitchen.

kitchen nook area sporting a new splash of colour
I went onto the Behr website and chose all my colours based on co-ordinating colours to match the colour I had chose for the master bedroom.  Home Hardware can colour match most manufacturer's colours.   I had a cranberry red chose for the office but my husband said it would look really good in the kitchen.  So off to Home Hardware where they didn't have the code to mix that paint.  I came back home to get the code for the next red but when driving back it hit me the red was too purplish so I headed back home and grabbed a dinner plate.  The kitchen is now custom matched to our main dinnerware.

This was absolutely the most difficult paint I have ever worked with and that is just after painting the main bathroom using the same brand of paint.  The difference was the bathroom paint (Hazelnut Cream) was a white base while the custom red was a clear base.  At any rate after three coats of paint the kitchen eating nook looks rather spiffy.  I just can't help but smile every time I go into the kitchen!

kitchen stove area freshly painted
The covering for the exhaust fan literally disintegrated when I accidently bumped it while paint.  Our friend came to my rescue!  He suggested building in the bulkhead that will eliminate a major dust trap in the kitchen.  He is also making custom crown trim.  The look of the kitchen is going to change dramatically with this addition.  I will post pictures once it is finished.

We still have to change out the sink and exhaust fans as well as trim up the new dishwasher but other than that I am very pleased with how things are progressing.  While waiting for him to do the finish work, I moved onto the guest room that is now sporting a beautiful new look (Seal) .  That is three rooms painted in the last two and a half weeks along with custom carpentry finished in the main bathroom.  The crowning touch though is the beautiful, rich and vibrant red in my kitchen!  Oh, and I did find yarn that matches the kitchen almost identical for a new afghan in the livingroom to tie the colours in.  What do you think?

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