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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Superbowl Follies (2)

Yesterday I shared the first of three posts on our Superbowl entertaining.  I like to alternate between a hot and cold dish every two hours.  The reason being, many of our guests are consuming alcoholic beverages so it is our responsibility as hosts to ensure ample food is available to counteract the effects.  Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other non-alcoholic beverages are always available as well. 

pretzel crisps and potato chips
Snack type foods are always on the tables in our games room.  These usually consist of pretzels, peanuts, and potato chips but sometimes I put out fresh popped corn or even a candy tray.  Pictured are two of the bowls of snacks.  Instead of pretzels, I used pretzel crisps.  These are thin, crunchy pretzel crackers.  The are all natural, oven baked crackers with 0g trans fat, 0g saturated fat and 0mg cholesterol, so are a healthier option than potato chips.  There are 110 calories in a serving of 11 pretzel crisps but 270 calories in a serving of 20 of the potato chips pictured.  Converting to equal amounts it works out to 200 calories per 20 pretzel crisps.  They can be enjoyed plain, dipped or paired with any topping of choice.

nacho station set-up
I use the industrial strength wheeled cart that served as extra storage in our last kitchen as a self-serve station for various dishes.  There is a plug on that wall as well as a television.  To the left is the entry to the utility room where there is a full size, side-by-side refrigerator with water and ice in the door.  Beside the refrigerator is a bank of cabinets with countertop that we installed shortly after moving in.  It serves as a dry bar for drinks.

Nachos are always a hit even at our monthly games night.  I set up the top shelf of the cart as a nacho station as pictured.  The nacho chips, cheese in the themed slow cooker and nacho trays were purchased at Sam's Club.  I used the squatty 250 ml designer mason jars as serving bowls for home canned salsa, home canned jalapeño peppers and sour cream.

meat and cheese tray
Later I set the cart up for cheese and crackers on the top shelf.  Quite often our guests will bring a dish or snack.   The wive of one of our guests generously made the cheese and meat tray.  He is doing a lot of custom woodworking for us, building my cookbook shelf, drink tables, medicine cabinet and custom trimming in the main bathroom.  Just wait until you see the custom work he is doing in the kitchen!   I added the mini Breton and Snackers crackers along with dill pickles and garlic dill pickles.  Surprisingly, dill pickles are a huge hit as well even at our monthly games night.

The second shelf was set up with small paper plates and bowls along with a banana cake another wife brought.  She also brought snickerdoodles!  It is common for one or more of the wives to come out to the monthly and special events especially for the dinner.

I use paper plates, bowls and serviettes for the large, special events although I have used regular dinnerware.  This is a practical measure when entertaining for larger groups.  I don't use disposable serving dishes for either special or monthly events nor do I use disposable plates or bowls at the monthly games night.  I very rarely use disposable cutlery either.  I do however use the disposable nacho tray.  For some reason, everyone loves these trays!  They are not expensive either.  The Bakers & Chefs 125 count package I buy is $4.98 at Sam's Club which is less expensive than paper plates. 

1 food lovers commented:

LindaG said...

I am sure all your gatherings are great successes!

I was just in Sam's yesterday. Wish I had known about or seen the nacho trays then. They look like a great idea.

Hope you're having a wonderful day. :)