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Friday, February 17, 2012

Ham Melts (Breakfast Sandwich)

I volunteer at a local school in the Catholic School Board each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning for the Breakfast Club (Lend a Hand).  I am also volunteering at a local school in the Public School Board on Tuesday and Thursday morning for the month of February to cover for a couple of volunteers who are vacationing in the sunny south.  Both school breakfast programs are part of the Ontario Student Nutrition Program (OSNP).  While this program is funded through the Ontario government, it is managed by volunteers.  Donations are gladly accepted providing the food meets the nutritional standards of the program.

Both schools have very limited cooking equipment which restricts what you can cook.  The Catholic school has a microwave oven, two toasters, an electric tea kettle and a blender.  We are not allowed to cook anything in the school other than in the toaster or microwave because there was a complaint  regarding cooking odours EVEN though there is a day care attached where cooking is allowed with cooking odours wafting their way through the school halls.  There is a fridge and freezer but no dishwasher so all the plates, bowls and cups are disposable.  The public school has two electric griddles, two toasters, and microwave oven.  There dishwasher, fridge and stove so we use regular plates and bowls but disposable cups and cutlery there.

ham and cheese melts
The typical breakfast offerings at both schools depending on the day are: dry cereal, oatmeal (packet style), ham melts, English muffin with margarine (both schools) or cream cheese (public school), a variety of fruits and vegetables, yogurt tubes, fruit cups, orange juice, chocolate and white milk, pancakes, waffles and French toast.  Left over pancakes and French toast from the secondary school breakfast program are brought over for the Catholic school when they are available.  One of the local doughnut shops donates muffins occasionally as well.

Ham melts are a huge hit with kids at both schools!  They are quick and easy to make.  We use a toaster at both schools to toast the English muffin then slather with margarine, top with two slices of cooked ham and either a processed cheese slice (Catholic school) or freshly sliced cheese (public school).  We also add scrambled egg on the sandwich at the public school if a child asks for it.   Once assembled the ham melt is warmed through in the microwave.

I made two ham melts for my husband's breakfast a couple of days ago.  My version differs from what we make at the schools because we do not use margarine (ever!) and very rarely use any kind of processed cheese.  I didn't use butter on the English muffins after toasting, just simply topped with ham and a blend of mozzarella and Asiago cheese.  Then I warmed the sandwiches in the microwave.  He liked them.

Breakfast sandwiches are very quick and easy to make even at home.  You can make them healthier by using whole wheat or multigrain English muffins, sliced or grated cheese and eliminate butter or margarine.  Add scrambled eggs for an extra protein boost.  Homemade breakfast sandwiches are a fraction of the cost than those from the fast food restaurants and doughnut shops.  Make it easy by keeping all the ingredients in storage containers stacked in your fridge to just grab and assemble.  Surprisingly you can even keep scrambled eggs in a container as well.  They reheat nicely on breakfast sandwiches.

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