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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Dinner at California Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not just about gambling!  Surprisingly it is quite possible to enjoy Las Vegas without ever gambling.  The food choices are limitless!  We always make a point to eat at the California Hotel and Casino each trip.  The food is excellent especially their prime rib and mahi mahi!  The butterfish is quite tasty as well.  Each dinner special comes with salad bar, main course, beverage and dessert.  Their menu is available online.

mahi mahi dinner
I ordered the mahi mahi with papaya seed vinaigrette special ($7.95).  Sides included a generous sized baked potato and mixed vegetables as well as salad bar and dessert.  Mahi mahi is a delightfully mildly flavoured fish.  It is an oceanic fish that with quick growth patterns in the warm currents.  Unfortunately I do not get to enjoy mahi mahi with the exception of a dinner in Las Vegas when we are there.  Mahi mahi, despite being a commercially important fish, is not as eco-friendly as it could be unless line caught  but it is a low mercury fish.  I occasionally see it in the frozen food section in the grocery stores here but it really is a hit a miss.

prime rib dinner
My husband ordered the prime rib special ($7.95).  This special is not on the menu but it is well worth getting.  The prime rib is ordered according to desired doness.  As you can see my husband ordered his medium rare.  Sides included green beans and baked potato. 

The generous portion of prime rib was cooked to perfection.  That is one thing to stress about any meal in Las Vegas.  The portion sizes are very, very generous especially for the price.  Honestly, I doubt you could eat at a fast food restaurant for this low price and you certainly would not get the quality of food at a fast food restaurant.

vanilla ice cream
We are not big dessert fans, seldom having dessert at home other than special occasions.  When dining out my husband sometimes orders vanilla ice cream.  Dessert was included with the meal at California's so my husband ordered vanilla ice cream.  It came with a generous dollop of whipped cream and a sugar cookie wedge.  I like the presentation!  Sugar cookie wedges are ever so easy to make or you can use any cookie that is crispier when baked.

Method:  Roll your dough of choice to about 1/8-inch thick.  Cut an eight inch circle then cut the circle into wedges pie shaped.  Bake as normal.  Cool then use as a garnish for ice cream.

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