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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My New Coffee Centre

Shortly after moving into this house, one of our adult kids moved in with us for awhile.  I set a coffee centre on the breakfast bar for easy accessibility.  I had the Melitta One:One coffee maker, a basket of coffee pods and jar of sugar there.  It was out of the way of the main kitchen counter space which is limited so less on the counter makes for more work space.  However, the One:One is best left set up ready to use as needed.  The One:One has be leaking for quite some time, gradually getting worse.  I finally decided to replace it. The leaking issue is a known problem with the One:One and the lack of availability of the coffee pods were deciding factors in me considering other brands of single serving coffee machines.

keurig gourmet coffee maker special edition
Of the main brands of single serving coffee machines, my two choices were Keurig and Tassimo.  A couple of our kids has a Keurig that they have been very pleased with.  Canadian Tire and Walmart (Canada) had the smaller Keurig Mini on sale for $89.99.  It lacked the extra features.  I figured if I was going to buy one, it would have the programmable feature.  Future Shop had the Keurig Special Edition (B60) on sale for $149.99.  Walmart had the Tassimo for $129.99, the Keurig Mini ($89.99) and a Mr. Coffee that uses the K-cups.  The price of the K-cups were consistent across all three stores ranging from $12.49 to $17.99 12 to 18 K-cups.

Pictured is the Keurig Special Edition (B60) purchased from Future Shop.  This is a large appliance in comparison to my espresso maker and the One:One.  I set it up on the closed end of the breakfast bar.  Two mugs and two K-cups stand ready for use.  I think I will add a small vase with flower to brighten up the spot.

k-cups and filter
My husband and I prefer percolator coffee so the percolator sees a lot of use.  However, a single serve coffee brewing system makes a lot of sense for those days when a full pot of coffee is too much.  It is an excellent appliance for entertaining as well.  Quite often only one or two want coffee so brewing a full pot is a waste.

Pictured are the K-cups.  A 12-pk sample came with the Keurig and I bought an eighteen pack of the Timothy's Midnight Magic.  K-cups are expensive coming in at about 79 cents each.  However, Keurig offers a reusable filter system consisting of a holder with lid (grey) and small mesh basket so any ground coffee can be used.  There are about 44 tbsp per pound in dry coffee.  A can of Maxwell House coffee is 969 gr or about 2.2 lb or about

2 food lovers commented:

Chiminess said...

It's good to have one like that, especially when you are a coffee lover <3

Kim said...

We got our Keurig just before Christmas. Luckily, we have a K-cup distributer nearby and can get a 24 pk for $16. And they have tons of flavours and you can pick your own and mix packs.

I also bought the reusable filter unit but it is a pain to clean.