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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mini Keurig Coffee Maker

My apologies for a late post today but the reason why the post is late will be revealed at a later date.  I recently splurged on a new Keurig single serving coffee maker to replace the quickly failing Melitta One:One. After setting up the new coffee maker my first thought was this would be an ideal coffee maker for the workplace.  It would be quite easy for employees to buy their own K-cups then brew at work for a fraction of the cost of coffee shop coffee.  The K-cups are lightweight and easy to transport as well.  We left for the first part of our spring vacation to sunny Las Vegas the day after I bought the Keurig.  We used it that morning then unplugged it and we were off.

mini keurig coffee maker
Imagine my surprise when we checked into our room at the Golden Nugget to see a mini Keurig coffee maker!  There was a box of four K-cups beside the coffee maker.  The coffee was from Green Mountain so I figured I was going to put that box of K-cups into my suitcase to head home for a couple of our kids that like that brand of coffee.  We were traveling with another couple.  Thank goodness they pointed out that the box of four would be a room charge of $10.  Now I'm not stupid.  In Las Vegas there is no need to pay for any drink, alcoholic or otherwise so there was no way I was going to pay $2.50 per K-cup to enjoy coffee in my room.  I drooled over that coffee maker and the K-cups the entire trip then headed down to the casino for the customary Baily's and coffee before heading for breakfast.  The Baily's and coffee technically was free but I always tip $1 which I think is only fair when the waitress is doing be the favour of bringing me a free drink.

I have to say though that I am a bit disappointed.  We have stayed at the Golden Nugget several times and because we do a fair amount of traveling we know that many motel rooms have coffee makers complete with coffee packets free of charge.  It is nice to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee before putting on the day's face.  This is the very first time we have ever been 'charged' to have coffee in our room aside of room service.  On the higher end K-cups will come in at about 80 cents each so even at $2.50 each to use they were well overpriced.  The Golden Nugget is a higher end casino/resort.  This type of thing should be built into the price of the room if anything rather than an in your face money grab.  Don't get me wrong as the Golden Nugget treats us very, very good especially with respect to comps but somehow charging for coffee in the room is just wrong when you can go down and get one for free.

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