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Friday, January 21, 2011

Willow Creek Mill Stoneground Fisherman's Choice Breading & Batter Mix

We eat fish at least once a week but quite often a few times a week.  Our fish of choice tends to be locally caught perch, pickerel and bass but we enjoy other fish as well.  My husband has a tendency to pick up a pack or two of fish coating to try. 

Willow Creek Mill Stoneground Fisherman's Choice Breading & Batter Mix
One of the foodie finds we brought home from our recent vacation was Willow Creek Mill Stoneground Fisherman's Choice Breading and Batter Mix.  It was packaged in a resealable, waterproof bag inside a cotton bag decorated with a small bobber.  Willow Creek Mill is located in Valders, Wisconsin.  The added tag gave the nutritional information and best used by date.  Ingredients on the back of the cloth bag indicated the mix was made with unbleached flour, cornmeal, triticale flour, seasonings and salt. Checking their online site, lemon pepper and horseradish root are also listed as ingredients for this product.   Instructions for using dry or a batter were also printed on the back of the cloth bag. 

perch fish fry dinner
We made a tradition perch fish fry using the Fisherman's Choice mix served with fresh cut French fries.  Pictured is our perch fish fry dinner.  This was a good coating but somewhat lacking in flavour.  Until I read online that the coating had lemon pepper and horseradish root in it, I definely would never have guessed it.  The coating mix was quite on the bland side.  Not that you want a really spicy coating for perch but you need a little flavour besides the taste of flour.  It did not adhere to the fish as it should have but other than that, the fish was good. 

I would rate this fish coating mix just slightly under average in terms of flavour and performance.  Don't get me wrong as it was still a good dinner but nothing spectacular with respect to the fish.  The fresh cut French fries on the other hand were superb as always.  We enjoyed the meal in front of the television watching Coronation Street while the snow fell is swirls outside the window.  This was a great Friday fish fry without having to leave the house!

2 food lovers commented:

LindaG said...

Looks quite yummy! :-)

Mama Mia said...

I wish we had that particular breading mix brand here in the Philippines. Looks really yummy and I like the golden color it gave the fish fillets in your photo. I love fish and chips, by the way :)