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Friday, January 14, 2011

Triple Crown Steakhouse & Lounge, Shepherdsville, Kentucky

In case you hadn't guessed, we were at our vacation home in the sunny south.  We left here on Dec 8, 2010 and arrived back here on January 9, 2011.  It was an eventful trip filled with a lot of great foods, some of which I have shared with you already.  We left our vacation home on January 5th setting our sights northeast towards one of our kids homes where we stayed a couple of nights before making the final leg of our journey home to the ice and snow.  While on the road towards our kids we stopped for a nice sit down meal on the second day. 

Triple Crown, Sheperdsville, Kentucky
Triple Crown Steakhouse & Lounge is located at 441 Paroquet Springs Drive in Shepherdsville, Kentucky (I-65, Exit 117).  The steakhouse opened in February of 2010.  It features steaks and ribs but fish and chicken are also available.  They have a lovely, large selection of side dishes to choose from as well.   The exterior is wood siding.  The wood theme extends into the interior where lacquered wood tables with the Triple Crown insignia in the center set neatly on the natural finished wood plank floors greet you.  The are booths under the wrap-around bank of windows that give the restaurant a light yet still cosy atmosphere.  There are several large screen televisions as well.   While the restaurant is licensed and offers happy hour from 2 to 7 PM there are no Sunday sales of alcohol due to the municiple by-law prohibiting restaurants from serving alcohol on Sundays.

We visited on a Thrusday during the late afternoon so the restaurant was not overly busy.  Food Network was on one of the televisions and golf on another so it was a nice break from being cooped up in the car. 

big brown New York strip steak
My husband ordered the big brown New York strip entrée with baked beans and mac & cheese as sides.  The name might not get it any brownie points (pun intended) but the steak itself will.  It was grilled perfectly to medium rare with gorgeous grilling hash marks.  The sides were served in separate small bowls which is a bit different presentation but well suited for this type of setting.  I liked the presentation.  The steak was served on a metal plate to keep it hot to the table.   It was clean and unpretentious letting the food appearance itself tempt the taste buds.
brokers tip bourbon pecan chicken
I ordered the brokers tip bourbon pecan chicken with a loaded potato and steamed broccoli.  The chicken breast was coated then deep fried and topped with their special bourbon pecan sauce.  The chicken was quite tasty with a nice combination of textures.  There was a bit of crunch from the pecans in the sauce that had been added just after frying the chicken but before serving so the coating remained on the crunchy side as well.  This would be one dish I would like to duplicate at home so will be doing a bit of researching to see if I can duplicate the bourbon pecan sauce.  The sauce had a nice depth and sweetness about it.

Our bill totaled $36.21 with one drink each.  Our waitress was friendly and efficient so we left a nice tip.  I would have liked to see how well this restaurant performed when busy.  We will aim for a busier time the next time we are in the area.  As far as food, service and price this restaurant is definitely doing something right!

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