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Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Batch of Frank's Hot Sauce Cone Recipe

The past couple of weeks I have been busy using up all the little bits of left-overs from the garden.  We finally had our first frost that killed off the remaining pepper and tomato plants but some of the herbs are still going strong along with the chard.  A few days ago I posted about the batch of Frank's Hot Sauce Clone recipe I made using cayenne peppers from my garden.  The sauce came out amazingly like Frank's!  I canned the sauce for longer term storage and just to see how canning would affect the flavour.

another batch of Frank's Hot Sauce clone recipe
A couple of days ago I used the rest of the cayenne peppers that had been left sitting on the counter to redden to make another batch of the Frank's clone.  The peppers were aged in that I had allowed them to sit for almost a week before using them so more in keeping with the original Frank's hot sauce.  There were more cayenne peppers so I ended up with about a litre of sauce.  I used garlic powder for this batch in keeping with the ingredients listed on the bottle of original Franks' hot sauce.

I am not above begging family and friends for any fancy bottles they are discarding.  Pictured is the resulting clone sauce poured into a fancy bottle and a mason jar.  Unlike the last batch I did not can the sauce.  Hot sauce is quite acidic so will keep nicely in the refrigerator without being canned.  The mason jar is on its way to a friend who is begging for hot sauce so hopefully it is enjoyed!  I really thought the fancy bottle was rather cute, what do you think?  

6 food lovers commented:

Anonymous said...

Love the bottle and the recipe! Good to know that I'm not the only one who likes recycling neat bottles. Thank you so much for sharing.

Garden Gnome said...

You are quite welcome and thank-you.

Salsa Queen said...

So how much garlic powder did you use? And were all the other ingredients the same measurements as your first clone recipe?


markus said...

do you think franks uses dried cayenne peppers or just aged? how do you define an aged pepper?? thanks

Garden Gnome said...

Markus, the peppers used for Frank's are aged meaning the prepared pepper mash is allowed to age for a week or more before straining and bottling the hot sauce.

John said...

In the hot sauce world, aging a pepper or hot sauce probably refers to a ferment and not just the age of the pepper.