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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mango Chutney and Low Sugar Mango Jam

One of the local grocery stores recently had a case of mangos on sale for $3.99.  Each case contained 14 mangos.  From a canning perspective this was a great sale for making a few mango based products for the pantry shelves.  Each home canned mango product use 2 to 4 mangos so a case will give a yield of 3 to 7 seven products for a total count of about 30 - 250 ml jars.  Mangos are quite easy to prepare for canning as well.  I recently posted a how to cut a mango video for those who don't know how to cut mangos.  This easy method makes the prep work for canning mangos muss free and very quick. 

mango chutney and mango jam
A couple of years ago I made  mango chutney pictured to the left.  It quickly became an annual  canning must make.  Our favourite way to use mango chutney is  chicken with mango chutney. This year I decided to make mango jam pictured to the right as a new pantry product.

I make a wide variety of jams and jellies yet the vast majority of them are not used as spreads.  Instead jams and jellies tend to be used as glazes for meats, condiments for meats and fish, cookie and pastry fillings, and appetizers.  The mango jam has such a pretty colour so I immediately thought it would pair nicely with cream cheese for appetizers.  I think it will make an excellent tasting glaze for ham and chicken as well.

Mango Jam

4 c mangos, chopped
1½ c orange juice
2 c organic sugar
½ tsp ground nutmeg
3 tsp Pomona's pectin*
4 tsp calcium water

Prepare the mangos then place into large saucepan with the orange juice and calcium water.  In a separate bowl, mix the sugar, nutmeg and pectin well.  Bring the fruit mixture to a boil.  Stir in the sugar/pectin mixture.  Return to a low boil cooking and stirring until sugar is dissolved.  Ladle into hot jars.  Secure the two piece lids.  Process in BWB canner for 10 minutes or adjusted timing according to altitude adjustment chart for your altitude.
Yield: 4 - 250 ml (half-pint) jars

*Pomona's pectin is a low methoxy pectin.  Do not substitute with other powdered pectins in this recipe.

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