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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Prime Rib Roast

Prime rib roasts are on sale here so despite having filled freezers my husband couldn't resist picking up one. Then he went online to find a different way to prepare the prime rib. What he found was rather humourous instructions as to how to cook the prime rib to perfection. Well the method looked like it would work so we decided to try it.

prime rib roastJust look at that beauty of a prime rib roast (1). My husband tubbed it with garlic and onion powder, Lawrey's seasoning salt, garlic pepper. Then he set it on a rack in the roasting pan roasted it for 28 minute 500ºF then turned off the oven for 2 hours as instructed. Here is where things when wrong. Our oven has a fan specifically meant to cool the oven quickly when it is turned off something the instructions did not take into consideration. The instructions said not to open the oven for 2 hours under penalty of death for any reason. After an hour we couldn't smell any roast smell so we left it a bit longer before making the executive decision to change the instructions. So from that point we were on our own. We turned the oven to 350ºF and continued roasting the prime rib until it was medium rare (2). The roast had a nice crust but was moist, tender and cooked to perfection inside (3). We served the prime rib slices (4) with the au jus (not shown), steamed potatoes and niblet corn. The meal was simple enough with a fair amount of prime rib left over.

5 food lovers commented:

Melodee said...

I always wondered how to make prime rib cause I love it. Question in your roasting pan did you use a cover or leave it open?

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Melodee and thanks for visiting. The roasting pan was left off. I hope you get a chance to try roasting prime rib.

A Year on the Grill said...

I have a similar recipe for a beef tenderloin... but my oven does not fan. On the grill, we "foil" our meat for the last 10 degrees, and makes a wonderful even finish, just wrap in tinfoil and put in an ice chest (no ice) for 2 hours. Maybe something like this could adapt for your freezer full of roasts (so jealous)

Garden Gnome said...

Oh now doing a beef tenderloin this way would be quite tasty! I like the idea of using an ice chest too so will definitely have to try it that way. So many roasts, so little time :) Seriously though winter is coming so roasts are going to be in demand. You can't beat a nicely cooked roast for comfort food when the snow is flying.

Lola said...

I've never cooked prime rib. I've only eaten it in restaurants. It looks delicious.