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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Canadian Chef - Michael Smith

A good part of my cooking style has been influenced by family and friends as well as our lifestyle. For the most part it means my cooking style is rather laid back and very much homestyle cooking from scratch. Several years ago I discovered the Food Network and it only took a couple of shows before I was hooked. Like anyone who enjoys food I really wanted to learn how to do some of the fancy things without moving to far from where my cooking heart was.

I discovered a wonderful Canadian chef hailing from Prince Edward Island by the name Michael Smith. Michael Smith is one of the most respected and talented Canadian chefs who has the wonderful knack of being able to talk in layman's terms. In short he has an impeccable education but he talks in terms anyone can understand. It was uncanny how many things I found in common with his cooking style. He loves cooking without a recipe by simply putting things that go together together and he does it quite nicely. This really echos my cooking style. He often refers to his kitchen journal something I've used since a newlywed. A kitchen journal really is a must if you want to tweak or repeat a recipe. Then he has a massive collection of all kinds of goodies in mason jars so he really is a man after my own heart. Here is an excellent video of him making peppercorn encrusted tuna.

As you can see the entire meal could be easily duplicated at home. I love his demeanor and style. He is just a very likable person! This is one chef I could seriously watch cook all day and I would not hesitate to make a special trip just to have the pleasure of eating at his restaurant although at the moment he is a globe trotting, roving chef who cooks mainly for his family and friends when home. What I really like about his style is the emphasis is on the food and good times exactly where it should be not the recipe. What doesn't come out in this video is Michael Smith's commitment to humanitarian and environmental conservation efforts, both very commendable indeed. In my books Michael Smith earns 5 Stars as a Canadian chef!

1 food lovers commented:

Phyl said...

I just love Michael Smith! I keep watching him in all the various incarnations of his shows. I think my favourite of the shows is the series in his home, but even when he had that series where he was doing a bit more sophisticated cooking for that Inn, it was still quite easy to follow and you never felt condescended to.