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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake Pizza

Part of the fun of traveling is discovering new eateries! After an afternoon of shopping the we stopped to pick up pizza. This was any kind of pizza parlor as we know them. Instead of the regular pizza parlors where you order your pizza then wait for it to bake to take home this pizza parlor assembled the pizza for you then wrapped it along with baking instructions. The nice thing about this is even if you run into a bit of a delay getting home the pizza is still piping hot when served.

Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake PizzaPapa Murphy's

We stopped at Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake Pizza located at 815 South Main Street in West Bend, Wisconsin. The pizzeria is located in a small strip mall with plenty of parking (1). It is small and has no baking facilities on site. You can call ahead with your order or order on site. On the wall behind the counter there are racks for prepared pizza dough (2) and orders ready to be picked up (not pictured). Baking instructions are included with your order and for good measure there is a large disclaimer poster on the wall (3). Essentially they are not responsible for burnt pizza due to your cooking skills.

You can watch your pizza(s) being made. That's the start of our stuffed pizza (arrow, 4). Oh my did it ever look yummy! The pizza comes on an oven proof coated cardboard tray so all you have to do is unwrap and pop in the oven. The wrapping is a simple plastic wrap to protect the pizza until you get it home. We ordered 3 pizzas to feed 6 people.

Mediterranean and Cheese Pizzas Mediterranean & Cheese Pizzas

Each pizza was cooked individually according to the instructions. I was quite impressed that it was as simple as turning on the oven, unwrapping the pizza then baking. While the pizzas were baking we were able to unwind and relax then eat as each pizza came out of the oven.

The cheese pizza pictured on the top had a medium thick crust. It was topped with a tasty, aromatic tomato sauce and almost a full pound of bubbling cheese. This is a popular choice with the kids' teenagers. We really enjoyed this pizza that shone in it's simplicity. There were no fancy toppings or flavours. It was just the pure essence of pizza that really made this pizza delicious!

The Mediterranean pizza pictured on the bottom had a thin crust and was topped with a tasty, aromatic tomato sauce, Asiago cheese, sundried tomatoes and spinach. The flavours on this pizza were mouthwatering delightful! The thin crust really worked well too. This will be one pizza I will be duplicating at home.

Chicago-Style Stuffed PizzaThe belle of ball of the pizzas we ordered was the Chicago-Style stuffed pizza. The stuffing consisted of salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage, beef, onion mix and cheese. The top was garnished with roma tomatoes, green onions and cheese. It was interesting watching this pizza being assembled. That fancy crust detail took only a few seconds!

The Chicago-Style stuffed pizza had gorgeous eye appeal after baking (top right). I just love all the detail from the fancy edge to the garnish! Cutting into the pizza (bottom left) it was easy to see this was not going to be any run of the mill pizza. Doesn't that slice (bottom right) look yummy? Let me tell you this pizza was a total taste sensation!

The crust used for this pizza was not quite thin but not quite medium. I'm going to be testing out a few pizza dough recipes to find one that will work for making stuffed pizzas. Please check back for the test results and what I come up with.

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A Year on the Grill said...

I love Papa Murphy/// Always add the garlic sauce