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Friday, September 23, 2011

Peameal Bacon Buns Tray

There are times in the kitchen where saving both time and energy is much appreciated.  So it was during our recent move.  The thing is you have to eat and I like food presented nicely but with the kitchen and dining areas in semi-chaos mode I decided to take a couple of short cuts.  Peameal bacon is one of my favourite quick cook meats.  Not only is it tasty, it is lower in fat and calories than regular bacon.

peameal bacon buns tray
I had left-over peameal bacon roast from my first day cooking with natural gas.  Well, I really shouldn't say my first day cooking with natural gas as I grew up cooking with natural gas and one house we rented eons ago had a natural gas range, but it has been a very long time since I have cooked with natural gas.

I cut part of the left-over roast in half then sliced it so it would fit on the store bought dinner rolls.  Then I cut pre-sliced Swiss cheese in half and added thinly sliced iceberg lettuce to the tray.  Not pictured is the honey mustard and Miracle Whip that was served on the side.  This was a quick to prepare snack tray that used minimal kitchen resources at lunchtime during the move.  It was a very quick clean-up as well, something I really appreciated!  I repeated the peameal bacon tray the following day but on a larger scale for entertaining.  The guys really enjoyed it!

3 food lovers commented:

Anonymous said...

Is there a Canadian source for Morton's Tender Quick? I love peameal bacon (and pork in general), and really like the idea of doing this myself. I'm in BC and have been looking for a couple weeks now. No luck. Any suggestions?

Garden Gnome said...

Yes, Windsor Salt is the Canadian substituary of Morton's. You can order Morton's Tender Quick directly through Windsor Salt and some grocery store stock it as well. If you are close to the border, you might be able to find MTQ in some US grocery stores but mainly in areas where hunting is active. HTH

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'll have another look. We are close to the border, but haven't been across for over twenty years.