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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Left Over Steak Dinner

Last Wednesday we hosted a dinner party and social for about 15. Steak and corn-on-the-cob was on the menu. The steaks were large so both of us cut our steaks in half to make a meal the following night. There was more than half of the husked, uncooked corn-on-the-cob left over and several baked potatoes. Left over steak bones went home with one of the guests as a treat for his dog. The next day I froze the remaining corn reserving just enough for dinner. Spotting the left-over potatoes and steak gave me an idea for dinner.

steak mixtureSteak Mixture

If you have been following this blog you will know my husband and I just finished up a recipe contest. As part of one of his contest recipes I made a bourbon grilling sauce that was so good I even canned two jars. The sauce got rave reviews at the dinner party so I used some of the left over sauce for the steak mixture. The mixture consisted of Vadelia onion slices sautéed in butter until translucent with baked potato and steak cubes. The bourbon grilling sauce was added to the mixture and allowed to come to a simmer then the mixture was removed from the heat and plated. The prep and cooking time for the steak mixture was under 15 minutes, ready for serving with boiled corn-on-the-cob for a quick, easy to assemble meal.

left over steak dinnerLeft Over Steak Dinner

Larger gatherings by default generate left overs. It is very important to use whatever possible within the next day or two. If that is not possible any left overs should be preserved either the day of or the day after the event. It is also important that you do not try to preserve or use any food item that has been in the food danger zone (41ºF to 140ºF) during the event. If in doubt throw it out! This rule applies to all dairy foods or foods made with mayonnaise. Bones and left over meats can be given to dogs. Salad green and other vegetables that have been in the food danger zone can be given to chickens, pigs or composted.

Any time you can use up left overs you are in most cases making a frugal meal. In this case the only ingredients used in the meal that were not left overs were the butter and onion. Varying the presentation resulted in a different meal than the night before. It really was a tasty meal!

2 food lovers commented:

Anonymous said...

This looks really good.


Garden Gnome said...

Oh it was good and so easy to make! I love using up left overs so they don't go to waste :)