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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Cadillac House - Lexington, Michigan

The weather has been unseasonable cool and wet so we have not been able to do a lot of boating. It's as if Mother Nature is saying I'm going to force you to stay home and not spend money because there's a recession going on, don't you know! My husband has been anxiously watching the extended forecast for signs of a couple of good days where we could go out for an extended stay on Lake Huron. Last Wednesday he declared it safe for departing on Thursday morning and returning Friday night or possibly Saturday morning.

We arrived safely at our destination, Lexington State Dock on Lake Huron. This is a gorgeous, scenic harbour at the quaint, tourist town of Lexington, Michigan. Arriving by boat means you have to walk everywhere you want to go. We have been there before but always talk to the harbour master for his recommendations of great eating spots as they do change. The harbour master will not steer you wrong. There are several small, unique shops to browse through, a few good restaurants and usually a lot of different events at Lexington. Friday night we enjoyed music in the park and Saturday morning while walking for coffee we saw several vendors setting up on the closed street for art in the park. We would have liked to stay a bit longer but had to be home by 1:30 pm for the plumber (long story) so after enjoying our coffee we headed out onto the lake.

Cadillac House - Lexington, MichiganCadillac House

Honestly some of the best food is found in sleepy little towns off the beaten track. Many of these tend to be small pubs and grills with rather non-descript exteriors but lots of atmosphere inside. They are essentially the places you would never stop at unless by word of mouth that hey this is a great place to eat!

The harbour master recommended the Cadillac House at 5502 Main Street in Lexington. This was about a 10 minute slow walk from our boat. This is a historic building built in 1840 as the first hotel in the village. It was rebuilt in 1860 and has remained a hotel with restaurant since that time although it has passed through different ownerships. This really is a must eat at place! The food is good and it has a wonderful atmosphere with excellent wait staff. Oh and apparently it is haunted by a resident ghost but we saw no signs of that.


What was rather interesting about this meal was we met another boater and his son a couple of slips down from us. Well they were going for dinner and we were going for dinner so we ended up going together. I ordered the broiled Great Lakes whitefish. This really is one of the nicest tasting fish there is.

Whitefish is a nice mild fish that really doesn't lend itself to heavy seasoning. It is best broiled but can be pan fried or baked. The broiled whitefish was served with mashed redskin potatoes, sautéed onions and zucchini, lemon wedges and tartar sauce. It did not come with a side salad or drinks.

lake perchLake Walleye

My husband ordered the all you can eat lake walleye. Now this really was a good deal! According to my husband it would be well worth driving to by land. It was a rather unpretentious meal with pan fried walleye served with French fries and sautéed onions and zucchini. As promised it was all you can eat so it really was a good deal.

Our total bill at the Cadillac House was $36.99 with two meals and alcoholic beverages. As meals go this was quite reasonable! The atmosphere was quite lovely and the service was excellent so we enjoyed our time there. This definitely is a must stop at eatery when in Lexington, Michigan!

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