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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Open Face Roast Beef Sandwich

One of the problems with traveling is there is always the possibility of unexpected delays. So it was on our return flight. First the airplane was delayed by about 2 hours. Once at the airport that kind of short delay isn't too bad as you can amuse yourself online or in the bar (tvs turned to sports) or people watch. We finally boarded where the real problems started. A computer glitch knocked out cabin communications so the plane could not leave. After sitting on the plane for another 2 hours we were deplaned then waited for them to replace the computer which didn't go according to plan so we had to wait for another plane. So we arrived at the point where we were to start the driving leg of our journey home just after 5 am and checked into our room we were supposed to get the night before. By lunch time we were on our last leg of our journey. We stopped at a Meijer's to pick up a few groceries since we wouldn't be home until late and the prospect of grocery shopping over the weekend was not all that appealing.

star fruitStar Fruit (Carambola)

I would have loved to have brought home fresh picked Florida oranges but thought this could be a problem at the border since there would be no way of proving origin. So we passed on the oranges. I bought 3 star fruit at Meijer's.

This lovely fruit is difficult to find in our area although it can be found at larger grocery stores. Star fruit has a sweet, tart flavour similar to combining plums, pineapples and lemons. When cut across the ribs, the star fruit forms pretty star shaped slices perfect for garnishing and fruit trays. It can also be eaten as is simply washing without peeling. Star fruit is rich in Vitamin C and free of sodium and cholesterol so this is a good fruit for you although those with chronic renal failure or end-stage renal disease should not eat star fruit.

Open Face Roast Beef Sandwich

We picked up a fresh roast and bread at Meijer's for that night's dinner. I very seldom freeze homemade breads so we had to settle for store bought but that was fine. I cooked it in the counter top roaster with onions and potatoes for a quick, home cooked meal. The snow started the following morning and continued throughout the day.

Sunday's dinner was simple open face roast beef sandwiches. I can remember to the Metropolitan with my Mom on the two trips we made each year to the city. We rode a bus that stopped in our town then another and finally took us to the city. We only had a few hours to shop before we had to be back at the bus stop. Unlike the five and dime in my home town that had really neat smelling, squeaky wood floors and was somewhat dark inside, the Met was huge at least in the eyes of a child. They had a snack bar and soda fountain! We always ate lunch there because my Mom said you could never shop with an empty stomach so the Met was always our first stop. My favourite was their open faced sandwiches either turkey or beef. Oh gosh were they good! I pondered a bit while eating Sunday's dinner then told my husband we should have these more often. Well you didn't hear any complaints from him as he went back for seconds :)

This is a perfect way to use up left-over meat and gravy. Keep a pack or two of meat with gravy in the freezer to warm for a quick meal. You will need a knife and fork to eat these sandwiches. To make an open faced sandwich you will need two slices of bread. Slightly stale bread will work as well since the gravy will soften the bread. Mix the meat with gravy and heat through. Spoon over the bread slices. Serve with a side of coleslaw or tossed salad.

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