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Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Cappuccino has quickly become one of our favourite coffee drinks. I posted awhile ago about cappuccino and other coffee drinks (here). Cappuccino is based on using a strong coffee specially brewed called espresso. You can drink the espresso as is or kick it up a notch to make latte or cappuccino. It is also perfect for making dark rye breads. We use an espresso maker to make the espresso. It has a steamer to steam the milk for cappuccino or latte.

What I have found is to get the best froth use skim milk. It foams up nicely giving a beautiful topping for the cappuccino. Sprinkle on a little sugar cinnamon or just cinnamon for a delightful taste sensation. Now I do have to point out the cutesy cup and saucer. Cappuccino really is nice served in squatty type cups. You want it to look fancy. I happened to be at a kitchen clearance centre and found a whole 4 piece setting of porcelain dishes with platinum detailing for $2.99! There was only one set. I'm always in the market for inexpensive serving ware that isn't disposable and at that price I was not about to leave them behind. Yep that is right and your are looking at the cup and saucer. The down side is there was no indication they are dishwasher safe so I have to hand wash but they look really lovely, don't you think?

7 food lovers commented:

Sandi said...

I just love cappuccino. It's one of my regular weaknesses! lol That is one seriously beautiful cup of capuccino too!

Lola said...

That is a beautiful cup and saucer. Expresso cups are so hard to find. I actually made myself a cappucino this morning for the first time in awhile. It was quite good, however I was out of superfine sugar and used stevia instead. Not a fan of stevia, I won't be doing that again. I was in such a rush to enjoy my beverage that I forgot the sprinkle on top. :( But it was still pretty good, thank goodness I just put a touch of stevia rather than the full packet. I always foam too much milk, so when my daughter came home early from school I treated her to the best ever hot chocolate with steamed milk.

Jean said...

They look beautiful and I wish I had found them first lol. I have a latte every morning, just can't stop having them. :)

Ann said...

Lola, too bad espresso cups are kind of fragile, otherwise would bubble wrap some and send some over to you! Mmm, maybe that could be a business idea, selling authentic Italian things abroad online...

Patricia said...

Your capuccino looks great. I also got an espresso maker and used it for a while until I got tired of all the clean-up afterwards. Now, I just make strong regular coffee and froth my skimmed milk with an aerolatte in a pan on the stove. It works great and clean up is much faster!

Garden Gnome said...

Patricia, we have a Melitta® espresso maker that takes about the same clean-up as a coffee maker or purculator. I am going to pick up an aerolatte after using one at the kids'. They microwaved the skim milk to warm then used the aerolatte. The frothed milk is a great topper for hot chocolate too and lower in calories than whipped cream.

Goddess said...

Cappuccino is my all-time favorite "comfort food." - although, of course, it's not really a food. I've found that I can never get a good foam from skim or low-fat milk. My choice is to use straight half & half. My cappuccino mug is 16 ounces - so that means 8 oz. of half & half and 8 oz. of espresso. I figure if I'm indulging, I might as well do it ALL THE WAY! My sweetener of choice is demerara sugar, which adds a wonderful little hint of molasses flavor. It always makes for a good day. :)