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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Boat Ride Food - Decker's Landing

The summer is in full swing so our lives revolve around water activities. After all our property backs onto the water, we have a boat and we live on the beautiful Great Lakes waterway. We boat on Lakes Huron, St. Clair and Erie as well as the connecting waterways and waterways flowing into these waters. Most times we pack a picnic lunch or snacks, eating out mainly when staying overnight but my husband. Quite often when boating you have to walk a block or more from the marina to find a good restaurant. We've discovered all the best stops for eating along these waterways and I have to tell you that Decker's Landing in Algonac, Michigan is one of the best! It is right at the marina so all we do is dock and find a seat!

Decker's is hosting a Margaritaville Weekend Memorial on July 18 and 19, 2008 in memory of Susan Bell, Joe Hamilton and Katy O'Neil who We went to Decker's last week. The one thing about boaters aside of being some of the friendliest folk you have ever met is they stick together and help each other. I saw where they are holding a Margaritaville tragically lost their lives in a boating accident on Lake St. Clair on May 24, 2008. Brian Lepp and Robert Diegel were seriously wounded with severe facial injuries. Trust funds have been set up for Austin and Lucas Bell as well as Lydia Hamilton. If you would like more information on this event, would like to book a boat slip or donate to the cause please call Deckers at 1-810-794-0581. Please support this cause if you can.

Decker's Landing can be reached by land or water. Outdoor seating overlooks the water where you can enjoy boat traffic while enjoying your favourite meal. Indoor seating is spacious with a good view of the water or you can sit around their pleasant bar. The wait staff is likely one of the friendliest you will ever meet! The food is wonderful especially their onion rings of which I will explain a bit further in this post. They have live entertainment on the weekends during the summer as well.

Great Lakes

We docked the boat then found an empty glider seat. That's one of the neat things about Decker's is most of the outdoor seating is covered gliders overlooking the water. You can watch the boats docking as well as other water traffic. It is just a real pleasant spot to while away a few summer hours!

My husband ordered a Great Lakes as a drink before dinner. The Great Lakes is a beautiful looking specialty drink, a deep turquoise frozen drink served in a frosted wine carafe. The colour reminded me of the colours of the wake behind the boat. It was a perfect The ingredients are light rum, dark rum, blue caraco and pineapple juice.

Please Note: Boating and drinking do not mix! We were there for a couple of hours so one drink was fine for the Captain of the Vessel aka my husband as he is a large man and it was with a meal. [I don't advocate drinking and boating as in drinking en route or stopping simply to drink without eating. I think you know what I mean.]
Onion Rings

We really aren't into fast food restaurants. Seriously for the price you pay at one of those restaurants you can get a much tastier meal at mom and pop type restaurants. For the most part the meals will be healthier for you as well.

Decker's has the most awesome onions rings aside from homemade. These are a must have appetizer whenever we stop there. The onion rings come in a paper lined plastic basket. They are fried to perfection with a crispy, golden crust covering sweet, tender onion slices. These onion rings are the perfect snack while watching the boats. Our boat was docked in a slip almost in front of us so we snacked on onion rings while talking about what we needed to do for the boat. The outside needs a cleaning and polishing. We need to hang a couple of new flags. All that will wait :)

Canadian Walleye

My husband ordered the Canadian Walleye entrée. The large walleye portion was beautifully done with light breading fried to golden perfection. It was presented pleasantly but not fussy. The light, fluffy and tasty fish was accompanied with a vegetable medley of broccoli, cauliflower and carrot coins, boiled red potato halves and a choice of soup or salad for $12.95. He ordered the French Onion soup instead of the optional salad. This is just a lovely meal right from the presentation to the quality of food. My husband gave it two thumbs up!

Decker Burger

I'm seriously not a huge burger fan. I love my husband's homemade burgers, burgers from one bar and grill we frequent and from Decker's. That's it! I'm rather picky that way. Seriously the meal choices were reversed! It was a beautiful, warm day so I ordered the Decker burger for $7.95 with cheese for an additional 50¢. It came with fries and coleslaw along with lettuce, dill pickle slices and onion slices. This is seriously a beautiful burger. The only complaint I have is they use processed cheese (American cheese) slices instead of actual cheese slices. Again, I'm being very picky here but I can tolerate actual cheese because the processed cheese slices really do a number on me being lactose intolerant. I just pre-treat because this burger is worth it :)

Decker's is the perfect boating spot to spend a few hours in the summer.

[Waving hi to my friends from Decker's. We'll see you soon and thanks for your wonderful hospitality!] - no affiliation just a boater who appreciates a good marina.]

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I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog :)