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Monday, July 28, 2008

Breezy Point Bar & Grill

We were travelling up US-41 not really thinking of eating yet we had been on the road for a little over five hours. By then US-41 had turned into M-35 even though we were on the same road. Although we had stopped once to fill the car with gas and have a washroom break we still were not overly hungry likely because of the fruit and sunflower seeds I bought at the Piggly Wiggly (love that name) just after getting on the road. As we headed north the camera was in almost constant action. The total number of pictures taken for the 6 day trip was 829.

We have an uncanny knack of finding good food in out of the way places. As we were neared Escanaba, Michigan I needed a break so we pulled into the Breezy Point Bar & Grill. We met back at the car and my husband asked if I was hungry. He said the food looked pretty good and it would be another couple of hours before we reached St. Ignace. He also pointed out that after checking in to the motel then we would have to find somewhere to eat making it so we would be eating a large meal before retiring and we know that isn't good for you. Well it didn't take much to twist my rubber arm. Besides, I was getting tired of sitting in the car.

Breezy Point Bar & Grill is a small pub on M-35 at Escanaba, Michigan (301 N 19th St, Escanaba, MI). Sorry, but it does not appear they have a website. It would be easy to miss as the building is a small, wood log structure that blends into the surrounding trees. There is ample parking in front and to the side. The sign on the structure is rather small too so it would be easy to miss. Hidden behind those doors was good home cooked style food and friendly service. Children are welcomed during the dinner hours.

Chicken Special

Meals are served in plastic baskets lined with paper. Utensils are metal instead of plastic so that is a plus. The meal portions are generous so are a good value for your dollar. We spent just under $20 plus tip for the two meals with a drink each.

The Breezy Point Bar & Grill has daily specials and Sunday was the chicken dinner special so I ordered that. It came with a half of chicken, fries, coleslaw and a bun. The chicken was lightly seasoned then deep fried with no breading. I have to tell you this although I think I've mentioned it before is I am not a fan of anything breaded. The chicken was fried to a golden brown with a nice crispy skin yet succulent, moist meat. The fries were standard thin cut frozen fries. Ketchup was available for the fries but no malt or even plain white vinegar. I really need vinegar with my French fries although I will settle for mustard dip. The coleslaw was the standard mayonnaise variety. A dinner roll was included with the meal.

Swiss Mushroom Burger

My husband ordered the Swiss mushroom burger. The burger was ⅓ lb ground chuck topped with sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese on a toasted bun. It came with a side of French fries. This burger got a two thumbs up from my husband. Seriously that says a lot! Deep down I think he is looking for ways to perfect his homemade burgers ;)

Burgers are featured quite often on this blog because my husband loves them. He isn't into the standard fly-by-the-seat burgers either our generic term for fast food burgers. What he looks for in a burger is flavour and substance. He doesn't want a preformed pattie or plain generic buns. Forget that American cheese slices too. I think the only two things that he doesn't like on a burger are hot peppers and pickles. Trust me on this one, small out of the way bars and pubs have some of the best burgers around.

5 food lovers commented:

sheila sultani said...

OMG That looks SOO good -

Garden Gnome said...

It was good, Sheila :)

Garden Gnome said...

Ria, I can relate to the acid reflux problem. My doctor said to control acid reflux I should:
1. avoid coffee which relaxes the valve between the stomach and esophagus
2. avoid alcohol for the same reason
3. avoid eating or drinking anything 3 hours before going to bed
4. sleep propped up if need be

Both alcohol and caffeine are stomach irritants. Certain foods can make the acid reflux seem worst even though they do not actually cause it directly. I also find I have less acid reflux by waling 15 to 30 minutes after eating heavier meals.


Anonymous said...

I live about a mile from Breezy Point, my Mom works there, I'm friends with the owners and eat there at least once a week. Loved seeing this blog! I am going to recommend they get some vinegar available; its a great idea, I love it as well, and let's face it, any way to please even ONE more customer is completely worth it. Thanks for posting this, was fun to read, and my Mom will love see it, as she's pretty proud of Breezy food (she cooks as well as has bartending shifts) - and is very dedicated to keeping the food and service consistent and great for every experience one has at Breezy :)

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Anonymous and thanks for visiting! We really enjoyed both the food and atmosphere of the Breezy Point Bar & Grill so I just had to blog about it. I hope your Mom enjoys the post and please tell her she does an excellent job. We will definitely be stopping in again the next time we make it up your way. It's on our list of must stops :)