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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Steak Wraps

Grilled steaks are the year round family favourite here! I've made several posts with pictures showing how we like our steaks. They come from beef bought on the hoof (directly from the farmer) and are custom cut to our specifications. They are big steaks which means there are leftovers. Using the leftovers can be challenging sometimes since reheating results in the steak not being rare or medium rare. What we have been doing is cut the portion of the steak we want to eat from the steak then let the remaining steak cool and cut it from the bone if there is a bone. The bones are saved for making beef stock. Any remaining fat is cut away then the steak is either set aside for the following day to be used as an ingredient in another dish.

Sautéed Mushrooms

We eat a lot of mushrooms and I can them. I've mentioned sautéed mushrooms either as a side for grilled meats or simply by themselves times on this blog. Sautéing means the food is cooked for a relatively short period of time on high heat in a little oil with the goal of maintaining both the colour and moisture in the the food. One of my pet peeves when eating out is the mushrooms are not sautéed properly. They either come out seared almost crispy or undercooked or rubbery (overcooked) in many cases.

My Method: Brush the mushrooms with a mushroom brush. Do not wash them as they will absorb the water and not sautée properly. Hand slice using a sharp knife. Heat butter in a fry pan on medium high. Put the mushroom slices in a single layer in the pan. As they cook flip the mushrooms using the pan flip method or turn over using a flipper. Do not over cook!

Steak Filling

Last night we were a bit on the lazy side. It was just on the border of having to but the air conditioning on and we were planning on doing a little work on the kitchen in the evening. So I decided to make steak wraps using the leftover steak from the night before. Sautéing was the method of choice. It made for a quick, easy and tasty meal that used up leftovers.

Method: I sauteed mushrooms as above then added sliced red onions cooking until the onions were warmed but not translucent. Then I added in slices of sweet green and red peppers. The steak was already seasoned with Montreal Steak spice so I didn't add any further seasonings other than a splash of Worcestershire sauce.

Steak Wraps

Wraps just have to be one of the easiest meals available for summer time cooking. Not only that they are versatile. Any filling will do to make a quick and easy meal that doesn't heat up your kitchen. I keep slices of frozen meats in the freezer just for this purpose but those are simply thawed and used not reheated. Sometimes it is nice to use up leftovers on hand and so it was with the steak. No that isn't cheese on the wrap, it's MiracleWhip® but you could put cheese on it if you really wanted. I would recommend a nice sharp cheddar or Asiago to enhance the flavour of the beef.

My Method: I spread MiracleWhip® on each tortilla shell then but a spring mix of greens on the tortilla shell. I topped with the steak filling mixture and a little Catalina dressing and rolled the wraps then sliced in half on the diagonal.

6 food lovers commented:

Ria said...

Yuuuummmmmmyyyyyy! But for a variation, I may just slip in some cheese singles...hahahha... looks great and I bet this must taste awesome too. Nice one =)

Gary R. Hess said...

Thank you... I just ate and now you have to show me this? :-P Now I feel like eating again.... well, soon anyway. That looks sooooo good.

tahtimbo said...

Thanks, I was looking for some ideas to do with leftover meats. I never even thought of doing wraps. Now I'm hungry.

Garden Gnome said...

Ria, cheese would be good but I would use a nice extra old cheddar or Asiago cheese instead of American sliced. Both are more flavourful.

Garden Gnome said...

Thanks Gary :) They are quite tasty so I'm sure you will enjoy them.

Garden Gnome said...

Tahtimbo, I do this quite often with leftover meats as well as prepare meats ahead for use in wraps then vacuum seal and freeze. Boneless, skinless chicken breast, turkey breast and roast beef are perfect for this purpose. Using steak this way was a nice way to use up the leftover :)