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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spare Ribs & Rice

Well, by now you have figured out my plans for yesterday went astray! I was in the dentist's chair from 10 am to 1:15 pm and still didn't get the wisdom tooth extracted! He gave me two freezings plus a buccal freezing and I still jumped when he was doing a filling so he decided against pulling the tooth. I am sporting two nice white fillings and talk about an ego boost. They look so much nicer than the old amalgam. I am proud to say I only teared up but no actual crying and I did not bite him so that's progress! I go again on Thursday for the first of four cleanings since they divide the mouth into quadrants. He thinks will be easier for me to deal with.

As a treat, I popped into the grocery store a couple of doors down an bought a package of spareribs. We had used Stubbs™ barbeque sauce on the pork rib chops so my husband really was itching for ribs. So ribs sounded pretty good for dinner

Rice Maker

This is my rice maker. Sorry but I seldom cook rice any other way. I've tried the stove method and the microwave with horrid results. The problem was we really like rice but I don't cook it right! Then I discovered rice makers. My first rice maker had two settings, cook and warm. On larger batches it would make a mess and after about 15 years of faithful use it started browning the rice on the warm setting so I replaced it wtih the Aroma® that came with a small recipe book by Martin Yan from Yan Can Cook.

There are a couple of things I like about using a rice cooker. First I know I'm a good cook but am smart enough to realize when something just doesn't work for me regardless of the reason. Using a rice cooker ensure my rice is perfect each and everytime without worrying about it. Second, the rice maker keeps the rice warm until ready for serving. That means I can stir in other ingredients or leave as it but know it is always hot and ready for the table. So, if you are like me getting frustrated over rice failing, check these small appliances out. You will be pleasantly surprised at their performance and price! Then buy your rice in bulk for more savings and wherever possible cook your rice using something flavoured like chicken stock.


I do ribs one of two ways, the first being grilled and the second in the oven but they always start off the same way. Done this way, the meat is very tender, fall of the bone and juicy.

I like to use fresh ribs but if using ribs from the freezer, I thaw overnight in the refrigerator. Then I place the ribs in a roasing pan and pour in 1/2 c of water, nothing else. The ribs are then covered and baked at 250º for about 4 hours. baking - Carefully drain the water and pour on your favourite barbeque sauce. Turn the temperature to 350ºF and let bake about 1 hour.
barbequing - Carefully drain the water and place the ribs on the hot grill. Using a silicon pastry brush, slather on barbeque sauce on one side, grill about 10 minutes, flip and repeat..

Either way these are mouth watering ribs sure to please!

8 food lovers commented:

Yoshi said...

Growing up with rice as a staple, I don't think I could ever live without my rice cooker. :)

Hmm I now have a craving for ribs I think.

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Yoshi, thanks for visiting my blog. Rice cookers are one of the best kitchen appliances!

Anonymous said...

I like your recipe, very simple with no fancy spices :) i am going to use your recipe tonight thanks a million :) i know my husband will thank you too!

Garden Gnome said...

Thanks Anonymous :) I hope both you and your husband enjoy the ribs & rice.

LindaG said...

I see I just found another recipe I can do. ;)
Funny. We got a rice maker when we first got married. I don't remember what kind it was or anything about it, really, other than when we used it we were very unhappy with the results.
We've always used a pan on the stove since. Sometimes I still burn it, but usually it turns out pretty good.

I would like to try a rice cooker again, simply for the convenience. Maybe I'll just look around and see. :)

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Linda :) Oh this is just such a lovely meal. You don't really need a rice maker I just find I get more consistent results. I hope you enjoy it.

LindaG said...

Made the ribs last night. They turned out great! My husband loved them. :)
Since my oven is dead, I had to roast them on the grill, and then transfer to the grill for the sauce. They were almost too tender, haha. My fault but it didn't matter. Hubby said they were the best I had made, so THANK YOU! :)

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Linda :) You are quite welcome. I'm so glad you enjoyed the ribs! You did it just right if they were almost too tender.