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Monday, March 12, 2007

Pork Sirloin Dinner & Eco-Spuds

My husband stopped to pick up two items, one being potatoes. He forgot the other item but managed to make a splurge purchase on pork sirloin chops.


I must say I'm impressed. He bought Eco-Spuds something I have not seen in this area before. These are Adora light creamy golden fleshed potatoes are grown using ecological practices developed by the World Wildlife Fund Canada. The potatoes were grown from non-chemically treated seeds. They are not genetically modified and were grown using natural pest management, plant nutrition and health as well as protecting the natural environment. No herbicides are used and no chemicals treatments are used during storage. Despite all the pluses, I did not see the word organic on the bag which I found rather surprising. According to the labelling, these potatoes can be boiled, roasted, baked, stewed or fried. The store well at home and will not discolour after cooking.

It was a beautiful sunny and mild day yesterday so we decided to cook dinner on the outdoor natural gas grill. The potatoes were rolled in seasoned olive oil then wrapped in foil to bake on the grill.

Pork Sirloin Chops

The itch to grill outdoors was just too great for my husband yesterday. One look at these beauties and I could see why. There is just something about seeing a good cut of meat that gets your mouth watering well before it is ever cooked. There were six lovely pieces about an inch and half thick. While pondering how to prep them for grilling, I spotted the bottle of Stubb's™ Original Bar-B-Q Sauce I picked up at the last ribfest. We don't use a lot of barbeque sauce so I thought it would be a nice change. The sauce was applied using a silicone brush after the first turn.


Dinner consisted of the grilled sirloin chops, sauteed mushrooms, the grilled potatoes, steamed baby carrots and cottage cheese. The chops were nice and tender, lightly flavoured with the barbeque sauce. True to the promise on the potato bag, the potatoes had a fantastic taste. It is more gourmet in flavour and texture with thin skin, shallow eyes. I will definitely be buying these potatoes again. They are more expensive at $3 per 10 lb and here they are only available at one store chain but the flavour alone without even the the ecological benefits are well worth it! An added bonus is they have a 30% lower calorie value than Russet potatoes which is good news for those watching their caloric intake. According to one source no butter or milk is needed to make a smooth creamy mashed potato! I will report back whether they actually do make smooth creamy mashed potatoes

2 food lovers commented:

Natalie said...

I've been using Stubb's bbq sauce since he started selling it out of his first Austin restaurant back in '89. Now his newer location (opened after he died in '95) is a restaurant with an outdoor stage that major name bands play at. and

Linda said...

I just bought those potatoes, too, at Sobeys. They make great potato salad... family birthday party yesterday and the salad was good. The potatoes are not mushy when cooked, and have good flavour.