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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Ok, I will admit to being a real wuss when it comes to dentists. Actually it is more like a phobia. So because of an abscessed tooth in November and still trying to clear the antibiotics from my system, I finally went to see a new dentist. The only way I could tolerate that abomination was to bribe myself. The plan was if the news was bad, I got to do a little garden shopping and a lobster. Since after the next few visits, I will be drinking from a staw (yep that sounds like a lot of fun!) I figured what the heck, that lobster looked pretty good!

Fresh Lobster

Fresh lobster is expensive here so you really do want to pick out one in excellent contition. This one cost me about $14 CDN. Things to look for are good movement and clear eyes. The body should be deeply coloured and healthy looking. They packed him into a box lined with plastic but with no water. Despite a couple of stops, he managed fine. So when I got him home he went into the sink. I named him Hermin. I know you are not supposed to play with or name your food but I felt entitled last night.

Fresh lobster come with elastic bands on their claws. This is for your protection! From experience, if you cook the lobster with the elastic bands on, there is a bit of an off rubbery taste. I don't like this so just before cooking I snip the elastic bands off.

Cooked Lobster

Cooking lobster is actually rather easy. Bring enough water to cover the lobster to a boil. Some salt the water but I do not. Snip the elastic bands from the claws then drop the lobster into the water. Some have complained about the lobster squealing but I've never had that happen. Lobsters have a built in timer. They turn an orangy red when cooked.

When eating lobster, hot drawn butter is a must. It does add to the experience and flavour. Don't think you can get away eating lobster without making a mess and don't underestimate how filling a lobster can be. It doesn't look like a lot of meat but looks are definitely deceiving in this case! In general, the tail and claws have the most meat. It's sweet and tender. The smaller legs do have a bit of meat for the determined.

While lobster is more expensive than other meats, you can easily make a nice lobster meal at home for a fraction of the cost. So give it a try. I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised!


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