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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Chocolate

Happy Easter!

Millions world wide are celebrating the Easter weekend.  Along with religious celebrations, certain practices have become widely accepted as Easter traditions.  These include Easter parades, Easter bonnets, Easter lilies, Easter eggs and of course, the Easter bunny.  The Easter weekend signifies the beginning of spring with new life in many areas.  The weather is usually warmer and spring-like.  Spring flower bulbs are poking their way through the ground which explains why some of the traditions like eggs (new life) were adopted.  Why chocolate came to be associated with Easter eggs is only speculation.  At any rate, chocolate eggs are a long standing Easter tradition.

Kinder Surprise chocolate egg
Children across Canada anxiously await Easter in the hopes of getting a Kinder Surprise milk chocolate egg in their Easter basket.  Kinder eggs began production by the Italian company, Ferrero in 1973.  The milk chocolate egg contains a plastic capsule which houses a small toy.  The plastic capsule is usually yellow to represent the yolk but is also manufactured in other colours.  Kinder Surprise are sold world wide with the exception of the United States.  The FDA will not allow the sale because the egg contains a non-nutritive component (the toy) but many say it is because the toy itself is viewed as a choking hazard.  At any rate, Kinder Surprise eggs are considered illegal countraband in the US subject to seizure and/or a fine of $300.  This is only one example of a particular food item not allowed to be brought into the US.  This is why it is important for anyone entering the US to know what foods they can and cannot bring into that country.

socially responsible organic chocolate
Food purchases more so today than years gone by have social and ethical responsibility components.  Consumers have the option to make a difference simply through their purchase choices.  This year I bought the little ones organic, fair trade milk chocolate Easter bunnies produced by Taste of Camino.  Proceeds from this milk chocolate contributes to the building of vibrant sustainable communities throughout the Caribbean, Central America and South America.  I bought our adult kids organic 70% cocoa dark chocolate bars.  Ten percent of the profit of those chocolate bars is donated to help support endangered species, habitat and humanity.  Dark chocolate is good for your heart too!

I have not seen organic chocolate in the grocery store or Walmart here but I shop regularly at the local health food store.  The price of the chocolate for 3 bunnies and 6 chocolate bars was $32 which sounds expensive on the surface.  However, I felt it was worth the price since both were organic with proceeds supporting good causes.  I discovered the chocolate bars a couple of months ago.  They are delicious!  Dark chocolate is something to savor, like a fine wine.  Let the chocolate slowly melt on your tongue while enjoying the heavenly taste and aroma.  One bar will last 8 days because you only enjoy a square a day.  I also keep a bar on hand to shave as a dessert topping or for adding a special touch to coffee. 

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