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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Not Quite a Birthday Cake!

My husband and I married at the age of 18 by choice.  Some called it puppy love but almost thirty-six years later we are still madly in love.  Seriously, I think he walks on water!  I do think we lucked out when it comes to food because we are both very much foodies.  He loves to eat and I love to cook but he is a rather descent cook in his own right and there are some dishes he has mastered to perfection that I have not.  We love to cook together sharing our love of food and cooking with our kids.  Our kids are now grown with their own kids (aka the most adorable grandkids you have ever seen) who are passing on our love of food and cooking with them.   Food draws us together as a family.  There is nothing more precious than spending a bit of quality time cooking with loved ones!

cookie pizza
My husband was going to a friends house to play cards and celebrate his birthday.  I was going to make a cake but decided on something a bit different.  Implementing that plan was a bit more difficult than I thought.  We live in a small community of 11,000 with a No Frills and a Walmart.  Finding specialty ingredients is pretty much a bust.  Neither had the plain strawberry fruit roll-ups for the pepperoni and I cold find nothing that looked like bacon.  Oh, and neither had the Pillsbury sugar cookie tube I really wanted so we were off on an adventure that turned out rather sweet and whimsical! 

As a frugal shopper, I tend to very much brand loyal when it comes to certain commercial products but only if they have proved their worth to me.  In this case, I went with Pillsbury refrigerator chocolate chip cookie dough, Betty Crocker fruit roll-ups, McCormicks spearmint leaves, Cake Mate cookie icing, Mars bar and a Snickers.  I knew this was going to be a sugar overload but it turned out rather cute.  I used a clean pizza box for the presentation. 

Method:  Line a pizza pan with aluminum foil.  Squeeze the full tube of cookie dough onto the pan.  Spread evenly with you hands.  The warmth of you hands will help it spread easier.  Bake according to instructions.  Let the cookie base cool.  Spread the Cake Mate cookie icing over the cookie base for the sauce.  Fill a 4 oz bowl with white chocolate chips then melt in the microwave oven.  Use a spoon to drizzle the melted chocolate over the sauce.  Cut the fruit roll-up into circles and thinly slice any remaining topping you want to add.  Top the cookie pizza then place into a clean pizza box for serving. 

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4 food lovers commented:

Torviewtoronto said...

cute looks wonderful #lifemadedelicious

Anji said...

Happy birthday to your husband.

36 years of marriage is a special achievement these days!

Garden Gnome said...

Thanks Torviewtoronto :)

Garden Gnome said...

Thanks for the compliment for our many years of marital bliss, Anji. The cookie pizza was for my husband's friend's birthday. He got quite a chuckle out of it :)