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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Flatout Flatbread Turkey Pinwheels

We arrived home from our vacation home on December 20, spent the day shopping before finally arriving home.  The next day we had a party that involved bringing a dish on December 21.  Now, I am good at pulling off last minute dishes but I was tired and had been feeling under the weather for well over a month.  One of my quick stand-bys is spirals which can be made with any type of filling using home-made or store bought tortilla shells.  We stopped at a Meijer's on the way home where I spotted a new to me product called Flatout Pinwheel Lavash Flatbread made in Saline, Michigan.  Essentially, this is a flour tortilla shell formed into a rectangle so you get more spirals out of it with less waste.  It is a lower carb, high fiber flat bread.  I popped two packets of 4 pinwheel lavash flat bread into the cart.

preparing the flatout flat bread
Lavash flat bread is an Armeenian soft, thin flat bread similar in texture to flour tortillas, shaped into a rectangle and traditionally  slapped against the hot walls of a clay oven.  It is popular in Iran, Iraq, Turkey and the Caucasus.  Flatout makes five kinds of flat breads including lavash in a variety of flavours.  There were instructions on the back of the package as to how to assemble the pinwheels.  Pinwheels are similar to the ham spiral appetizers I make fairly often but with a few more ingredients.  What is important is that bit of null space in the middle.  Other than that you can basically do what you like.  Use these just as you would to make a regular wraps or spirals with your filling of choice.

I used a mixture of sour cream, Miracle Whip and garlic herb seasoning for the base mix (to the right) then topped with lettuce, smoked turkey, honey mustard, red pepper and seedless cucumbers.  On the other end (to the left) I used plain homemade Miracle Whip.

There are three tricks to getting nice results when making spirals.  First, you want to place the ingredients on top then roll tightly!  Second, you need that blank space.  Third you need the covered last third to hold it all together.  Once the wrap is tightly assembled, press to ensure tightness then turn so the long end faces you and cut across to form pinwheels or you can cut in half to form sandwiches.

Don't the turkey pinwheels look delightful?  I like that they were larger with room for more filling in comparison to using regular flour tortilla shells.  The actual wrapping style is similar to wrapping sushi so the presentation is a bit more colourful than some spiral appetizers I have seen or even made.  I really like the Flatout flatbread for this particular application which means the next time I make home-made tortillas, I may just be doing a bit of experimenting, rolling the dough out into a rectangular sheet then cooking it on the griddle.

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