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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

My Mom (not biological) was 59 years old when I came to live with her.  She was a fabulous, home style Canadian cook with wonderful dishes all stored in her head.  Then she was diagnosed with diabetes so the cooking slowed to a crawl and Alzheimer's took away all her amazing recipes.  She never had kids of her own and never learned to drive.  Three times a year we took a bus to the nearest city where we always had lunch at the lunch counter at the Metropolitan.  I always ordered the grilled cheese sandwich with a chocolate milkshake with the very few exceptions I ordered my other favourite sandwich, the BLT. 

grilled cheese sandwich cooking in Paderno EcoPan
As a newlywed I was determined to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich at home.  The thing is grilled cheese sandwiches aren't actually grilled, they are pan fried or cooked on a griddle.  Some use a panini press or electric sandwich maker but the very best, home style grilled cheese sandwiches are made in the fry pan.  It is the only way to get that delicious golden crust! 

Don't even think of using processed cheese slices to make grilled cheese sandwiches!  Always use good quality cheddar or cheese of your choice.  We prefer cheddar for plain grilled cheese sandwiches.  The sandwiches are assembled on a cutting board.  We light butter one side of the bread then put the butter side down, add slices of cheese from the block of cheese, then place another slice of bread on top and lightly butter the exposed side.  That's it.  We use a medium heat then cook until golden brown on both sides.  The Paderno EcoPan outperformed my restaurant grade Teflon non-stick fry pans.  I was extremely pleased!

the perfect grilled cheese sandwich
Just look at that golden, mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwich.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Served with home canned tomato soup, cuddled up on the couch watching Coronation Street together - well that is just the perfect end of a day on a cold autumn evening. 

Home cooking need not be expensive, time consuming or fancy.  It needs to be good, period.  It's those meals that feed the soul embellishing our memories forever.  I'm very blessed to have such wonderful memories of the great food I've shared with my Mom, my family and my extended family and friends.  That's what home cooking is all about!  I dearly hope I have passed that legacy on to our children and now grandchildren.  'Tis a true treasure, that it is!

3 food lovers commented:

Sharkbytes said...

The goodness of a plain grilled cheese sandwich is hard to beat! And they DO go best with tomato soup!

Elvirah said...

Grilled cheese sandwich is one of my favourite and thanks for sharing your thoughts on making a perfect cheese sandwich. Like you said, how simple the dish is not important, but how perfect you can make it is somethig one should bear in mind.

Anonymous said...

An EcoPan from Paderno(ours haven't made it across the prairies yet), grilled cheese (done the right way), tomato soup and Coronation Street... Can it get much better?