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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baked Peameal Bacon Roast

Before Christmas I bought a pork loin on sale, cut it into three pieces then cured it for peameal bacon. After curing I froze the three pieces to keep them for the holiday season. One piece safely travelled with us to Wisconsin. One of our kids recently moved there so needed a taste of home in the form of real Canadian peameal bacon. The second was thawed then sliced and fried as a breakfast meat during the holidays and let me tell you oldest grandbaby loves peameal bacon! I thawed the last 1 kg (2.5 lb) piece of peameal bacon for dinner last Thursday knowing that we would get 3 or more meals from it.

peameal bacon roastBaked Peameal Bacon Roast

Our favourite way to prepare peameal bacon is pan frying but sometimes I make a baked peameal bacon roast. It always goes over well. It bakes quickly with excellent results. I don't always add water and in fact this roast was baked dry giving what I feel is a nicer but firmer result. Adding a bit of water gives a moister result. Both are equally appealing to the palet. Baked peameal gives a different texture from pan fried in that pan fried is a bit grainer. Baked peameal has a slightly smoother texture because it is cut after cooking. This is most pronounced if the peameal bacon roast is cooled then cut thin as a lunch meat.

Oven baked potatoes compliment baked peameal bacon roast nicely. To bake simply wash the potatoes well then poke with a fork and bake at the same time as the roast. This really is just simple comfort food that really doesn't need anything fancy or complicated. At most keep the topping for the potatoes to butter or perhaps a little sour cream. If you want to accent that comfort food flavour top the potatoes with old fashioned chili sauce.

peameal baconPeameal Bacon Dinner

Peameal bacon makes for a quick cooking yet very flavourful dinner meat. We often fry up sliced peameal bacon as a dinner meat. It is a lean, low calorie choice that is sure to please. A little peameal bacon goes a long way too because it is considerably more filling than regular bacon. It is similar to ham so think along those proportions for serving sizes. I find two slices cut about ½ inch thick is a good serving size for most adults although some may want a bit more.

Baked peameal bacon just pairs lovely with oven baked potatoes. I like serving steamed broccoli or spinach as a side with sautéed mushroom. A garnish is not really needed but thinly sliced sweet peppers adds another splash of colour to the plate.

peameal bunPeameal on a Bun (2)

I previously posted how to make peameal on a bun using fried peameal bacon. This was a simple dish featuring fried peameal bacon with cheese. There really are so many ways you can take peameal bacon on a bun with one of the most common ways is a breakfast sandwich with peameal bacon, egg and cheese.

I made peameal bacon on a bun with all the fixings quite similar to those for a hamburger for dinner on Sunday. I used thick slices of left-over peameal bacon roast. Toppings included: cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo and mustard. The side was a simple garnish of bread and butter pickles. It was a simple yet substantial meal.

3 food lovers commented:

from my motorhome to yours said...

oh man your dishes look great,pam

Katherine said...

I have to say I've never heard of that! Looks good!

Linda Lauzon said...

I LOVE peameal bacon. I've never baked a whole one so your recipe helps. I just wanted to let you know that peameal bacon pairs great with spiced gouda on a toasted bun. Yummy. Thanks for the recipe. :-)