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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grilled Chicken Medallions

Kitchen Update: The weather has played havoc with refinishing the cabinet doors but most of them are now back where the belong. The rest are expected to be up before the weekend if the weather holds. We were waiting on the new hinges ordered online at a savings of almost $3 a pair. They arrived on Saturday. The sink (Moen) sized to fit our exactly where we want it instead of in the corner where the old sink is arrived yesterday. It is only a single bowl but since we cannot have a food disposal here and we have space issues in the kitchen that is one thing I'm willing to bend on. The new taps are gorgeous with a nice curve that says function can have style. Oh and I will have a sprayer as well. We are hoping to start the tiling this weekend. I'll update as it happens but for a more in depth look check here.

The kitchen has now been in an upheaval for four weeks. During that time I have managed to host two larger events, have a houseful of family two weekends, sneak in one load of asparagus for canning and put relatively decent food on the table. I am relying heavily on the countertop roaster and crockpot that can be set outside the kitchen area, the gas grill and my well stocked pantry. It is important to me that meals during this stressful time be comforting and home cooked.

Grilled Chicken Medallions

You really cannot get much simpler than grilled chicken medallions for a meal that looks like it took a lot of time but it didn't. Chicken medallions are available pre-wrapped with bacon from your local butcher shop. Some larger grocery stores sell them in the frozen food section. You can easily make them at home yourself using boneless, skinless chicken breast and bacon which is what I normally do but in this case I cheated and bought them from the butcher shop.

From scratch: Each medallion will require one boneless, skinless chicken breast, one slice of bacon and one large toothpick. With your fingers, carefully form the chicken breast into a pattie shape, tucking as you go. Hold a piece of bacon short side on one outer edge of the round the wrap somewhat tightly securing with a toothpick. The medallion is now ready to cook as is or season. If desired you can make several of these in advance, flash freeze then vacuum seal.

I decided to grill the chicken medallions. The trick to grilling is to have the heat not set too high as you want the chicken to cook thoroughly but you also want to avoid flare-up that will cause charring. You also don't want to overcook the chicken as it will be dry. Grill time for chicken medallions is about 8-10 minutes on medium low with resting on indirect heat. Served with grill baked potatoes (essentially the same as oven baked) they make for a nice easy meal that sooths the soul.


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