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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Three of My Favourite Sandwiches

We are not big sandwiches eaters not that we don't like sandwiches. I'd have to say that the majority of sandwiches we eat are during the summer months when the garden is producing nicely. We use both store bought and homemade breads for making sandwiches. Sandwiches are perfect summer food because they don't heat up the kitchen. They are also easy to make under 15 minute meals that are sure to please. The beauty is in their simplicity. The only negative that can be said about sandwiches is they are a no no if you are restricting your carbs. Other than that they can be quite healthy for you especially if you use whole grain breads.

Fried Egg Sandwich

Fried egg sandwiches have long been a family favourite and not just for breakfast. There is just something comforting about them. They aren't fancy but they sure are good any time of the year.

Method: You will need one egg per sandwich. Heat a little vegetable oil* in a fry pan to medium. Fry eggs until the white is starting to turn opaque. Prick the yolk with a fork and spread a bit through the white. Cook until set enough that the egg can be turned. Turn the egg and lightly fry on the other side. Lightly butter** two pieces of toast. Place a fried egg on one piece of the toast. Sprinkle on a little sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Add a slice of cheddar cheese if desired. Top with the other slice of toast. Cut as desired.

* To reduce fat use a non-stick fry pan and healthy spray oil mister.
** The butter enhances the flavour not as a spread so only use a small amount on each slice of toast.


Tomatoes are one vegetable you really do need to grow even if only in containers on a balcony. Step away from those pale, tasteless tomatoes in the grocery store and discover the wonderful varieties of tomatoes out there. They fall into three categories (sauce, slicing, grape/cherry) and can be heirlooms or hybrids. Some hybrids taste wonderful but might be lacking in disease resistance whereas others pack a punch of taste. As a gardener there are reasons for growing both and for saving seeds from both although hybrids do not breed true but you can get some interesting outcomes.

By far our favourite summertime sandwich is plain toasted tomato made with a thick slice of beefsteak tomato plucked fresh from the garden moments before slicing. One tomato (eg. beefmaster) can easily give slices large enough to cover the bread yielding enough slices for five or six sandwiches. Never, ever refrigerate your tomatoes! It will turn them mealy and lessen their flavour.

A BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) is simply just that but made with home made sourdough toast, well it it excellent! Of course home grown tomatoes and romaine lettuce are a must but in a pinch you can use store bought local romaine lettuce. The real key is you want the ingredients as fresh as possible. Don't be shy on the slice of tomato either. Slice to almost ½ - inch thick. Bacon should be cooked to just under crispy.

Mom's Power Sandwich

Family must have recipes tend to be named Mom's meaning that's the way I do it and that's the way they want it. That becomes Mom's Lasagne, Mom's Chicken Soup and those dished the kids insist on making the same way. This is one of those sandwiches that made it into the Mom's must haves and yet there is no cooking involved other than the 12 grain bread.

Method: I really recommend using homemade 12 grain bread. I start with spreading a little Miracle Whip® on each slice of bread. On one slice I layer romaine lettuce or mesclun mix picked just before making the sandwich. I top that with thin sliced ham and turkey along with by just a little Dijon mustard then add a thick slice of tomato also fresh picked. Thin red onion slices form the final layer before adding the top slice of bread. Serve with a couple of homemade dill pickle spears.

5 food lovers commented:

SurfJedi said...

As I read this there is the smell of Bacon in the air. We are having BLTs tonight. :) My family makes a great scrambled egg sandwich too, I hadn't thought to fry it though. I will have to give that a shot.

TOPolk said...

I LOVE a good fried egg sandwich, but you're missing one key ingredient.

Miracle whip. It takes the sandwich from being just good to downright epic.

Your Fun Family said...

I like to make my fried egg sandwich like a grilled cheese with bacon but cook it open face. Then I put an over easy egg inside. Very messy as the yolk breaks but sooo good. During the summer we eat a TON of tomato sandwiches. They are just slices of tomatoes and fat free salad dressing of any kind. We do probably eat more bread than we should in our house but white bread is practically a swear word in our house. We hate the stuff.

Garden Gnome said...

Hmmm, Miracle Whip? I'm going to have to try that.

Garden Gnome said...

Your fun family, you just can't go wrong with a tomato sandwich :)