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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Steak & Lobster at Binion's

Are you getting tired of hearing about the food we enjoyed in Las Vegas? I hope not as I'm not doing a lot of cooking with the kitchen literally torn apart. The good news is the cabinets are pretty much on schedule (pictures here). I had hoped to have them completely finished for Saturday but it does look like it will end up taking the full two weeks. The sink and hinges are en route via UPS. We ordered them online which ended up saving a fair amount on gas that would have been used shopping for them. Monday or Tuesday I will be starting the countertops and wall. If all goes well with tiling and sink installation in its new location, the kitchen should be back in full swing by the following Saturday.

Ok, back to Las Vegas food. Today's feature is the steak & lobster at Binion's Original Coffeeshop at Binion's Gambling Hall & Hotel, kitty corner from the Four Queens on Fremont Street. The coffeeshop is on the lower level. It reflects the atmosphere of the casino with lots of wood and pleasant, friendly wait staff. Their menu is available on their website in pdf format but the steak & lobster is not on it. Now what I really like about Binion's besides playing craps is the way the points add up on the player's card. I usually have enough points for breakfast for two a couple of days and that's with only playing the penny slots, specifically the fish slot machine.

Steak & Lobster

We had two-for-one coupons for the steak & lobster special. This is an ask for special priced at $15.99 per person. That meant our meal total without tip for two people would be $15.99! The meal came with soup or house salad, a generous piece of New York strip steak, large lobster tail with drawn butter, vegetables of the day and bread basket. As steaks go in Las Vegas this steak was a bit smaller but nicely cooked. The lobster tail did not disappoint. The baked potato as in most casino restaurants was a good size with sour cream on the side. It was a nice meal.

Paying for meals in the coffee shop is done at a cashier's desk where you can give them your player's card. Well now, my husband gave his then I gave mine. The two-for-one brought our meal total to $15.99. The player's cards brought the total meal price to $4.58 without tip! Binion's is one of the better casinos for comps so had my husband been playing black jack there the meals would have been free.

1 food lovers commented:

SheR. said...

This sure looked like a decent meal that is value for money. That's a big portion of steak (nicely done), big Lobster tail (looks yummy) and even baby carrots that are peeled. Good job. You're lucky!