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Monday, May 26, 2008

Seasons Buffet at the Silverton Hotel and Casino

Note: The much awaited for kitchen renovations are now underway despite many setbacks. I will be posting a bit on our progress here with at least before and after images. If you are interested in following the renovation progress I will be posting on my homemaking blog, Garden Gnome at Home, beginning tonight and continuing as often as possible until the project is finished.

The food possibilites in Las Vegas are endless! Where else can you go to see a jazzed up neon sign for McDonald's if you are into fast food? You can go fast food, greasy spoons, mom & pop diners up to tux is required and everything in between. By far the most popular are the buffets especially if you are with a group of people. First they tend to be inexpensive and second you can do a lot of mixing and matching of foods keeping everyone happy. On the Thursday (May 15, 2008) of our trip we (our friends and us) decided to do a little touring. Trust me on this one a rental car is a must in Las Vegas allowing you to see so much more. We stopped at the Silverton Hotel and Casino and because we had a two-for-one coupon in our American Casino Guide, we decided to try out their Seasons Buffet. The buffet is $13.99 per person Sunday to Thursday and $19.99 per person Friday and Saturday. Their lunch buffet is $8.99 and they offer a Sunday brunch for $16.99. The two-for-one coupon is good for any of their buffets.

Seasons Buffet is impressive to say the least. It has a very warm and welcoming decor with just enough glamour to make you feel pampered. The seating is very comfortable and the tables are simply gorgeous! The staff is very friendly and they don't mind you taking pictures of the food either. It really is a lovely dining experience there so if you are in Las Vegas be sure to make a stop there.

Sausage Medley

The sights and smells of the large Las Vegas buffets are amazing! While I don't ask to take pictures of my individual plates, I do ask when I see something that is impressive on the buffet or if restaurant staff will be in the photo. I have managed to get some lovely pictures this way as well as chat with servers to get those little foodie tips I so love!

I could not resist taking a picture of this mouth watering sausage medley. While I did not eat any myself because I was not feeling well, the aroma was simply enticing! The sausages were cooked in a medley of carrots, onions, sweet and hot peppers and spices. Rosemary sprigs on each corner of the almost two and a half foot hot plate hinted at the flavours. This is one dish I am going to try duplicating at home.

Spinach Salad

As mentioned before most Las Vegas buffets include salad offerings ranging from salad greens and vegetables to prepared salads. Seasons Buffet differed in the salad offering with a bit more emphasis on salad greens and salad vegetables but there was also a nice choice of prepared salads.

I settled on baby spinach greens topped with alphalfa sprouts, black olives, cherry tomatoes and red kidney beans. My choice of dressing was thousand island. It was a rather plain salad but quite tasty. Of course there were a lot of other topping available including the standard croutons something I rarely put on salads.

I do have to comment on their plates. They were quite large and in buffet style were heated. They reminded me a lot of Fiesta ware, a dinnerware line that began in 1936. It remains popular with some pieces (retired colours) being collectibles. I have several pieces in my dinnerware collection so these just felt homey and comforting to me. I liked the green while my husband migrated towards the yellow, an excellent match for his sunny disposition.

Turkey Breast

I kept my meal choice rather bland since I wasn't feeling well. I has sushi as an appetizer but the picture didn't come out well. I settled on roasted turkey breast with a little gravy on the side, peas and carrots, a pepper and onion medley and a half cob of corn, chosen because the yellow was bright and cheery. Now remember when I said some foods do not do as well on buffets? Well, half or quarter cobs of corn are popular on a lot of the Las Vegas buffets. What they do is cook the corn on the cob then but then into large chafing dishes with buttered water. You do have to check though because some will use margarine instead of butter. Anyway the end result is the corn is very similar in texture and flavour to canned corn. I don't care for canned corn even though I always can up a case but that gets used for soups and stews instead of heating and heating as a vegetable side. So, that beautiful looking piece of corn on the cob really didn't taste all that great. Surprisingly the peas and carrots were quite good, obviously canned but not mushy like most carrots tend to be on the buffets. The pepper and onion medley was quite nice. The turkey was moist and tasty. I rounded out my meal with a bowl of mixed melon pieces.

Prime Rib

My husband just adores prime rib and if it is still mooing that's even better. Seriously he does know just about every place in Las Vegas that serves prime rib the way he likes it. He also knows where to get the best steaks cooked to his specifications. There is no accounting for his taste combinations sometimes but buffets do that to you. The macaroni and cheese was likely a "I need that" and the mini pizza that was a chef's special and we did chat with the chef was an "I got to try that" and the ribs and mashed potatoes was a "just because". What I found interesting was his choice of roasted garlic. It's not like he is a stranger to roasted garlic by any stretch of the imagination but to put a whole head of roasted garlic on his plate then proceed to eat it with much gusto simply pulled from the head so that was something new. It would appear I will be serving roasted garlic as a side now.


As he wandered the buffet offerings and not feeling up to another helping of prime rib, he settled upon sweet and sour chicken balls with stir fried rice and shrimp noodles. The chicken balls were quite tasty as I had to sample just a little. Following this he ended his meal with a slice of cherry pie and ice cream.

Seasons Buffet much like many of the other Las Vegas buffets did not disappoint. Our meals came with bottomless water and soft drinks. I will highly recommend getting at least one glass of water. Their service was very friendly and the atmosphere made you feel comfortable. The food was good as well so it was a win-win all the way around.

2 food lovers commented:

Anonymous said...

I have never had the chance to sample the food in a casino. The only things that I had tried that come close is eating in a three star hotel. which I know is nothing in comparison. I hope to visit Vegas next year.

Garden Gnome said...

Anonymous, I hope you get a chance to visit Las Vegas. There are a lot of good places to eat there.