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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Firelight Buffet at Sam's Town Casino

We do a fair amount of travelling in Las Vegas especially on the weekends when the crowd increases exponentially downtown (Fremont Street). Fridays and Saturdays we head to the smaller out lying casinos. Friday (May 16, 2008) five of us (DH & myself, SIL, friends) headed to Sam's Town Casino. This really is one of my favourite casinos. The Sunset Stampede is quite impressive (video clip here). They make one of the best pina coladas in Las Vegas! We ended up eating at the Firelight Buffet courtesy of comps (aka free meals), pleasantly surprised at it being all you can eat seafood night. This was a $16.99 value per person for player's card holders, $17.99 value without the card. Non-alcoholic drinks are included with the meal.


The Firelight Buffet has comfortable seating with friendly wait staff. Because it was an all you can eat seafood buffet, a large bucket was provided as well as seafood crackers. The buffet was loaded with seafood as well as other offerings but seafood was the main theme. One of the soups was clam chowder. There was an abundance of seafood including shrimp galore, oysters, steamed fish, breaded fish, calamari with the star being king crab legs. It was a seafood lover's dream come true. I think the only thing I didn't see on there was lobster tails but my husband said there was a lobster salad. What better way to start an all you can eat seafood dinner than with Caesar salad and oysters? The oysters were simply delightful.

Crab Legs

The star of the buffet was the king crab legs. Drawn butter was available for dipping the delectable crab meat in as were fresh lemon wedges. Those buckets were not on the table for nothing! I simply adore crab legs so ended up having a couple of servings, silently wishing I could eat just a bit more but even with seafood I tend not to go overboard. My husband is not a real crab meat lover or at least he wasn't even though he loves seafood so I was quite surprised to see him come back to the table with his plate loaded with crab legs. Well now, that meant a lot of photo opportunities and some of the pictures are priceless.

Hmmm, crab legs :)

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that looks awesome + succulent Crab Legs******** mmmmm BUTTER mmmmmmm