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Friday, July 13, 2012

Charcoal Grilled Ham Shoulder

Ham is a cured meat that usually is cooked in the oven.  However, we've been hit with back to back heat waves with temperatures in the high 30ÂșC combined with high humidity levels so using the oven is simply out of the question.  This is where we turn to using the outdoor grill.  An outdoor grill can be used much like an oven so basically anything that can be cooked in the oven can be cooked on an outdoor grill.  We have a Nexgrill dual fuel (charcoal, propane) outdoor grill.  I have been beyond being thrilled experimenting with the charcoal side of the grill.  The results are so much tastier than grilling on natural gas or propane.  Unlike using natural gas or propane though charcoal is a bit more difficult to control the temperature so that does take a bit of tinkering.  The results are well worth it!

charcoal grilled ham shoulder
Ham is a wonderful sandwich meat but rather than buy over priced pre-sliced lunchmeat we prefer to cook a ham then slice as desired for sandwiches.  Ham is available pre-cooked or ready to cook, smoked or unsmoked, sliced or unsliced, bone in or boneless.  Once cooked ham can be froze if desired.  I like to keep cooked ham cubes (salads) and ham slices (sandwiches) in the freezer as quick meal starts. 

I thawed a bone in ham shoulder from the freezer.  It was unsmoked so I decided to cook it slowly over charcoal.  The end result was absolutely delicious!   I grilled it low and slow adding just enough fresh charcoal to keep an even low heat.  A lot of the fat just under the skin dripped off and the meat took on a wonderful smokiness without added calories.  I removed the skin, fat and bone then sliced wedge style.  The skin, fat and bone will be used to make a ham stock for split pea or potato soup.  I may even use some of that stock to can a few jars of dried beans.  It will be a beautiful base for either!

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