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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scores® Chicken & Ribs (Mississauga, Ontario)

While awaiting the arrival of newest grandbaby we girls (oldest grandbaby, Mommy and Grandma) had to amuse ourselves during the day. Mornings proved to be a good time to get a little exercise and do a bit of shopping. We stopped for lunch one day at Scores® Chicken & Ribs located at 2967 Argential Road in Mississauga, Ontario.

Scores® Chicken & Ribs is a restaurant specializing in chicken and ribs. There are three locations in Ontario, Canada (Brampton, Missassauga, Kanata) and 21 locations in QuĂ©bec. Scores® offers a delivery service as well.

The restaurant looks anything but a fast food restaurant. The dining room nicely decorated with comfortable, cozy yet quiet elegance. It is kid friendly in that highchairs are available and there is a kid's menu. The children's menu is rather impressive with a good selection of meals for $3.99. The waitress brings a colouring page and crayons to help entertain young ones while they wait for their meal. It might have been our timing but we did find the wait time not only for the food but also waiting to pay which was a bit excessive (over 15 minutes given the restaurant wasn't busy) made it a bit more challenging to keep a toddler entertained.

Scores® is a bit more expensive than some sit-down restaurants however, the atmosphere is quite enjoyable and the food . We paid $54 for two adults and a toddler so I do think that is expensive for lunch. It still would be a restaurant I would go to again and I do think it would be a great place for us to go as a family with all of our kids. Each dinner would average $20 including a non-alcoholic drink. Appetizers would be separate as would alcoholic drinks so that puts this restaurant in the price range of Red Lobster and similar style restaurants.

The soup &salad bar (1) was quite substantial! It included two soups, salad greens, a good assortment of salad tops and dressings, a few prepared salads and fresh fruits. The all-you-can-eat salad bar can be purchased separated as a meal for or as part of the meals for an additional charge.

Mommy to be had the Santa Barbara grilled chicken (2). A plump chicken breast was topped with honey garlic sauce, Canadian cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, sliced grilled onions and Pico de Gallo served with a side of seasoned rice, gravy and dinner roll.

I had the Chicken Baked tortilla rolls filled with rotisserie chicken and ancho chipotle cream cheese topped with fresh salsa and melted cheese. The 6 rolls were served with fresh diced marinated tomatoes and sour cream. This was classified as a starter but for lunch there was more than enough! (3)

Grandbaby ordered a pogo stick (4) with fries from the children's menu. This really was too much food for a toddler since the salad bar was included. The small salad plate Mommy fixed got a lot more attention than the fries. There's something about kids choosing their own food sometimes that makes them want to eat it. The pogo stick was partially eaten.

We left the restaurant and made our way back to the kids' house. Grandbaby was exhausted and since transferring to her bed doesn't work all that well we kept pointing out things of interest to keep the drooping eyes open. Looking back on our meals the baked tortilla rolls will be the most likely meal I will try duplicating at home. I really liked the flavour and presentation.

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