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Friday, November 21, 2008


The weather has turned cold and we are spending more time indoors. Sunday afternoons are spent with family or friends usually with some football game playing in the background although sometimes it is the centre of attention. That means Sunday afternoons are snack times. Something warm and filling always goes over well for a snack.


We were first introduced to nachos at a football game. It was cold with snow flurries so a hot snack was just the thing. They came in a tray with hot peppers and very orange processed cheese. I will admit to keeping the hot peppers and the nacho chips themselves but have changed everything else. I will also admit to buying individual nacho chip dishes for entertaining.

I use corn nacho chips from Sam's Club. It is the least expensive source I have found (2 x 3 lb for $6.18). They are excellent nacho chips, nice and crispy. Until I find a homemade version they will have to do. For this version I topped with homemade, home canned salsa (please don't ask for the recipe, it's not going to happen) along with seasoned ground beef, three shredded cheeses and sour cream but I also like to add chopped onions, green peppers and hot peppers.

Method: Shred cheeses - cheddar, mozzarella and Asiago. Place a layer of nacho chips in a baking dish. Cover with half of the shredded cheese and ground beef mixture. Place another layer of nacho chips then the remaining cheese and ground beef mixture. Bake at 350ºF until the cheese is bubbly and browning. Remove from oven. Top with onions, green peppers and hot peppers if desired. To serve top with home made salsa and sour cream. Serve warm.

6 food lovers commented:

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...


Evan Johnson said...

wow, that looks pretty serious! I love the cold, I just wish I had some snow to go with it.

I'll probably be completely happy when the lakes freeze and we can ice fish.

tahtimbo said...

This looks terrific! I really must stop coming by on an empty stomach:) I also have a secret salsa recipe, but I sometimes play around with the ingredients. Last year I added mangos (did I spell that right?) to it.

jayedee said...

oh what a perfect dish to curl up with! as usual, i've been inspired!

Bella Casa said...

Oh Me Oh My, do those look good! I love Asiago, too!!!

Yum, yum, yum!!!

Bella :)

Lynn said...

nachos reminds me of my friend. he loves this food a lot! :)