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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Salmon Cakes

Kitchen Update: A glitch yesterday meant removing a part wall of tile and re-tiling :( We are grouting tonight! So we are a bit behind our goal of being finished by Tuesday. We are in it this far so we are going to give the grout the full 3 days cure time meaning the stove and sink will be in place late Sunday night. It is looking good though. Oh and I should mention we haven't killed each other yet and we still have all the body parts we had when we started the project.

I've mentioned before that as a family we send pictures of our meals back and forth to each other by email. These tend to be the meals we were impressed with, not just meal pictures for the sake of sending the picture. We usually include the recipe and method as well so other family members can duplicate and/or tweak. It's really our virtual recipe box to share with each other. The neat thing about this is we get a chance to try dishes we might not have thought about. The picture serves much the same purpose it does in a recipe book, to show you this is what the dish should look like.

Our kids grew up in a home with a lot of emphasis on home cooking. They are all good cooks so it is no surprise that their spouses are also good cooks. I refer to the spouses as my kids also so when I say this recipe is from my kids it could be from anyone of them. The only distinction I use is the © designation on their photos. So far b1 has appeared and now with this entry JD but you will at some point see EJ and JZ. My husband who is also a very good cook uses my ©. So now you don't have to wonder but I usually tell you when it is one of the kids' recipes and usually make some reference as to which ones.

Salmon Cakes

Our kids in Wisconsin sent me several pictures including this one of their salmon cakes. It sure came at a good time too as my kitchen is still torn apart. Don't they look delicious? I love the presentation as well. The tomatoes just beckon to dig in and enjoy. What I really like is there aren't a lot of ingredients. It's simple yet elegant. Thanks guys and I can't wait to try them!

The sauce in Tzatziki sauce and I didn't think to ask if they made it themselves. It likely is as Tzatziki is a yogurt/cucumber sauce that is quite easy to make. A recipe for homemade, authentic Tzatziki sauce can be found here.

This meal likely took under 30 minutes from prep to finish making it an ideal meal for those nights where you need a quick yet nutritious meal. Served with home fried potatoes it makes for a frugal meal as well. I think the cream cheese would be a lovely addition. Portions within [] are my additions for clarification.

Salmon Cakes

~1 cup of Salmon
1 Egg
Bread crumbs (add to thicken)
Cream Cheese (optional)

[Lightly beat the egg. Stir in the salmon. Add bread crumbs, cheese, onion and garlic. Mix well.] Fry like pancakes, top with diced tomatoes & Tzatziki sauce (Gyro)

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