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Friday, August 22, 2008

Grilled Chicken Stir Fry

Kitchen Update: We had a bit of a set back with the tile edging but have solved that problem. We are now in the finishing stage. The kitchen still is not fully functional as I don't want to use the countertops before sealing the grout. The most recent update with pictures can be found here.

In the last few entries I've shared some of the foods we have cooked on the grill without them being grilled. While this has been necessary because of the drawn out kitchen renovation (hey we are DIYers aka slow and nit picky) In short I'm using the grill as an oven. Yesterday I planned on using some of that lovely zucchini in chicken kabobs for something different but my husband said to KISS (keep it simple silly) and came up with another idea, grilled chicken stir fry.

Grilled Chicken Stir Fry

His idea was to use the grill for the chicken then use the chicken for a stir fry done on the grill side burner. If you are in the market for a propane or natural gas grill be sure to get one with a side burner. They have really come down in price and that side burner can be a real summertime energy saver. It can also serve as an emergency burner if your power is out.

The resulting meal was quite lovely! It was simple yet elegant with lots of flavour. It was an easy and quick meal as well coming in right near the 15 minute mark including the prep time. This was also a very frugal meal and could easily be a budget stretcher by using less chicken. The grill does add a slight smokey flavour to the chicken that can't be duplicated in a skillet. I give my husband two thumbs up for merging grilling with stir frying to come up with a unique meal.

Grilled Chicken Stir Fry

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
½ large red onion
2 c sliced mushrooms
medium zucchini
1 tbsp soy sauce
3 tbsp Hoisin sauce
2 tbsp butter
extra virgin olive oil

Cut the onion into strips. Slice mushrooms. Wash and cut the zucchini into quarters lengthwise. Remove pith and seeds. Cut across the the zucchini strips to form chunks.

Place butter and olive oil in a fry pan. Heat on the side burner of the grill. Add vegetables. Grill the chicken on each side until lightly browned. Cut the chicken into strips. Add to the vegetables and continue cooking until zucchini is tender and onions are translucent. Stir in soy and Hoisin sauces.

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