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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sirloin Strip Steaks

Don't you wish you had smell-a-vision?

Fresh Cut Sirloin Steaks

My husband likes to cut our steaks just before cooking. He insists on the steaks being left at room temperature as well before grilling. Steaks should be thick for good grilling so his rule of thumb is about an inch thick. This piece of sirloin was cut into six generous steaks.

He doesn't like to add seasonings, marinates or sauces when he grills the steak. His reasoning for this is he wants the full flavour of the steak. I will admit to liking a little Montréal Steak spice on my steak but have mended my ways much to his relief!

Medium Rare

The secret to a good grilled steak is a hot grill and patience. Resist that temptation to flip the steak! Do not flip it. Place it on the hot grill then wait. Do not puncture it in any way. Allow the steak to grill on one side until the grill marks are well defined. Flip the steak and repeat until the steak gives a bit under touch. Remove from grill and let rest.

Steak grilled this way really doesn't need any seasoning. You will get nice juicy, melt in your mouth steak with the full flavour of steak. There is no need to mask it with steak sauce or seasonings. That's not to say you can't use them if you choose but sometimes undressed is best! Serve with baked potatoes and a salad for a lovely well rounded meal.

4 food lovers commented:

Nobody™ said...

Wow, those look fantastic!

Mushy said...

That does to go to the store!

Political Realm said...

I broke the grill out last weekend. I'm partial to chuck eyes, but those look great.

Garden Gnome said...

Nobody, thanks!

Mushy, head thyself down to the store right this minute. Don't forget some fresh mushrooms for sauting.

PR, we grill year round normally outside whenever possible. Yep, we're the ones who will grill outdoors with a half foot of snow on the ground. I'm starting to draw the line at grilling outdoors when it's raining or the wind is high but sometimes both can be worked around. The indoor grill does a good job but I think the outdoor grill is even better.