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Monday, October 01, 2007

Early Thanksgiving Weekend Fun

Friday we packed up and headed down to our daughter's for an early Thanksgiving get together. The Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated the second Monday of October but we had plans so suggested an earlier family get together.* I brought barbequed pulled pork for Friday's meal. It was the last of the pork shoulder roasts I bought on sale so thought it would go over well since all the kids would be home and it would save her cooking. We also brought the turkey for Saturday's dinner. The turkey was in the oven just before 10 am, the traditional way I roast turkeys. We decided on a side trip to the orchard and grocery shopping before others arrived.


The trip to Chudleigh's r in Milton, Ontario was uneventful yet provided a lot of photo opportunities. The orchard is set in a very beautiful and hilly region outside of the Greater Toronto Area. There is a U-pick, petting zoo, store with already picked and much more as well as a wonderful snack bar with seating set under apple trees. We decided against picking our own for this trip because were were pressed for time. We selected our purchases then settled down on comfortable Adirondack wooden chairs while the guys went to the snack bar. A scarecrow with a skunk puppet entertained the little ones while we people watched and enjoyed the wonderful apple smells wafting around us. The guys brought back lovely roast beef buns, chili (for me), a cheese bun and apple cider. Grandbaby had a healthy appetite for all. Desert was their famous apple blossoms.

Apple Blossom

This was my daughter's apple blossom since the guys already started devouring theirs before I could get the camera ready. Grandbaby really smacked her lips on this delight and I can't blame her. Chudleigh's famous apple blossoms are made with Northern Spy apples. The dough is cut then wrapped up around the the spiced apple pieces. Crumbs are sprinkled on then the desert is baked. Optional is topping with whipped cream forming a wonderful little desert bundle. This week I will be experimenting to duplicate the desert so watch for that. Northern Spies will be ready here this weekend.


We headed home Sunday with the plans of making a few stops along the way for produce. We found a nice farm market on Wellington Road south of Woodlawn just before Hespler that goes to Hwy 401 so we stopped. On the outside it was quaint and homey looking as was their store but the prices were outrageous! Pumpkins were going for $4 plus while home canned jams were priced at $5.50. Geesh, I could make a little extra money if I were to sell my home canned goods. What really got me was the price for butter tarts at 6 for $7.25! Needless to say I didn't buy a lot there but did get some fresh basil that will be very much appreciated.

Food Purchases

Overall, my food purchases were very minimal. It wasn't really a food shopping trip but I can never resist picking up a few odds and ends. I brought home:

  • fresh basil
  • Wealthy apples (baking & cooking)
  • fresh garlic
  • The Orange Crate: Gourmet Popcorn, Holiday Hot Chocolate mix
  • Gourmet Village: cheddar onion dip mix, lemon dill dip mix, mulling spice
* As it turns out they will be home that weekend anyway so we will be having another family get together this coming weekend.

1 food lovers commented:

Anonymous said...

Did you get the Chudleighs apple blossom recipe perfected yet? If so PLEASE share! :)

Thanks and LOVE your sugar cookies Garden Gnome!