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Monday, July 23, 2007

Sarnia, Ontario Ribfest

Sarnia, Ontario Ribfest
July 12-15, 2007

We are very fortunate to live in an area where there are many food related summer activities. These range from maple syrup and berry festivals and socials to full fledged food fests. A few years ago we started making the ribfest circuit with Burlington, Ontario being the first. We were hooked! The sights, sounds and food had us wanting more.

We have a game plan when we go to ribfests. We divide ourselves so each is responsible for one item usually with four to five getting a rack of ribs ($20 each), one getting corn on the cob ($3 per cob) and one getting drinks (varies depending on whether alcoholic or not). Remember the focus is on the ribs not the extras but the entertainment, atmosphere and enjoying family together is what really counts. Afterwards we wander stopping to pick-up our favourite barbeque sauces or stopping at other booths for spices more often than not licking a huge ice cream cone.

Sarnia is the Ontario point between Ontario, Canada and Michigan, USA, at the southern point of Lake Huron. It connects to the USA via the Bluewater Bridge. The weather was on the warmish side but since it was evening when we arrived it was rather pleasant with a coolish breeze off the lake. The mouthwatering smells filled the air as we neared the ribfest. This was a smallish ribfest with 8 teams competing.

The ribs we enjoyed the most were from Smokin' Joe's Ribs operated by Sarnian Terry Slowka. These were lip smacking ribs leaving that after "I need more of these" taste! They were awarded people choice awards for this ribfest. It's nice to see a Canadian ribber win this accolade. The Ontario Ribfest schedule follows if you are interested. Perhaps I will see you there!

2007 Ontario Ribfest Schedule

Sarnia July 12-15th
Niagara Falls June 15-17
Timmins June 30-July 1
Markham July 6-8
Toronto (Etobicoke) June 20-July 2
Mississauga July 20-22
London Aug 2-6
St. Catharines Aug 3-6
Scarborough Aug 3-7
Brockville Aug 10-12
Guelph Aug 24-26
Burlington Aug 31-Sept 3
Oshawa Sept 7-9


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