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Monday, June 11, 2007

French Fry Dip and Salmon Kabobs

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, one meant to be spent outdoors on the water instead of inside. We originally intended to spend it on the boat but as things go, plans were changed. The day was still fun fill and involved water.

French Fries

On the continuing theme of using up food from the freezer, I made French fries for lunch. There was nothing really special about the fries themselves. They were McCain's crinkle cuts something I keep a couple of bags on hand for the times I want to make fries without the work of homemade French fries. I deep fry them in a T-Fal FryExpert on the fry setting in vegetable oil. Once fried I put them into a large bowl and lightly salt ready for serving.

A Canadian tradition is putting regular white vinegar on French fries. All the fry trucks have both white and malt vinegar so we simply expect this. Imagine our surprise when we cross the border to find out our American counterparts do not enjoy vinegar on their fries! Tsk! Tsk! The next favourite topping and truly Canadian is poutine, a wonderful mixture of gravy and cheese curds. Followed by that is ketchup. However there is another dip we like and as best as I can tell this may have originated in the Maritimes. The dip is very easy to make.

French Fry Mustard Dip

1 c Miracle Whip
1 - 2 tsp prepared mustard

Stir in enough mustard to the Miracle Whip to make a creamy, colour of butter dip. [Miracle Whip does work best for this dip but you could substitute mayonnaise.] Place into individual dipping bowls or pour into a squeeze bottle for easy serving.

Salmon Kabobs

I mentioned that our plans were changed. Friends invited us to lounge around their pool and a barbeque. Well that involved good friends, water and food so how could we possibly go wrong?

I cannot take credit for any of the food served but it was wonderful. Salmon is not something I would have thought of doing as a kabob yet these were wonderful. The kabobs themselves were very simple consisting of marinated salmon along with red and green pepper slices. The salmon was nicely grilled with lots of nice flavour and not dry. This will be one thing I will experiment with and post back with the results.

6 food lovers commented:

*~Tey~* said...

Those chips sound nice with that dip. Your blog is great! Found it through blogmad...Reading it inspired me to cook more...Thank you!

Jennifer said...

Mustard and mayo eh? I'm a fan of mustard and ketchup mixed together for my fries. Oh and sprinkling them with parmesan cheese. Yum.

Garden Gnome said...

Hi *~tey~*, thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you enjoy it and can stop by again.

Garden Gnome said...

The salmon kabobs were quite tasty and would be low fat. Congrats on your weight loss. That's quite an achievement! The fries would be ok in moderation as used as a small side instead of a platter.

Garden Gnome said...

The mustard and mayo is a perfect condiment for hamburgers too. I haven't heard of the mustard ketchup mix but the Parmesan cheese sounds good.

CookinsForMe said...

A few years ago I worked in a diner and we had a regular customer who was allergic to something in ketchup. He'd come in, order a big burger and a big order of fries and a small bowl with some mayo and mustard on the side. He'd mix the mayo and mustard and dip his fries in it. I finally tried it and it was great! It really surprised me.