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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Stuffed Flank Steak

As a foodie I love eating out that's a given but I can only go for a few days before I'm itching to do a bit of cooking.  Some vacations do not allow me to do this so one priority when we were deciding to buy a vacation home was to have a nicely supplied kitchen where I could cook if I wanted to.  At the same time both of us really like enjoying that morning coffee but there are times that I really don't feel like getting dressed to go out for a hot breakfast.  So we were really looking for a vacation home where we could make simple breakfasts and lunches with a few dinners because let's face it food is one of the most expensive components of any vacation.

flank steak ingredients
We discovered a Publix and an Aldi's for grocery shopping.  The Publix is more like our Sobey's here offering the extras that Aldi's doesn't offer.  Aldi's is similar to our No Frills.  I quickly realized even with our RV that cooking when on vacation takes on a whole new meaning.  We are looking for something different.  It's where unlike at home where I will make something entirely from scratch I do buy from the deli, freezer section, I will use ingredients like baby carrots and I will buy smaller container sizes to use up before we leave but other than that I don't deviate much from cooking from scratch. 

I spotted stuffed flank steaks in the deli section.  I've seen these in the flyers here where they are called a roulade and had been intending to try making one.  The concept is not difficult and one I've worked with several time.  Essentially the steak is trimmed, flattened slightly the topped with filling of choice and rolled the cut into medallions for cooking.  The fact the roulades were already made was rather appealing given we were on vacation but I had nothing to bake them in.  No worries as they each came with their own little baking pans and detailed instructions from the friendly deli person.  He said to just add whatever vegetables we wanted then bake along with the steak.  I was sold.  The entire dinner eaten at home would come in at under $15 and we could just relax around the house enjoying our new purchase.

flank steak prepared
We bought one flank steak stuffed with mozzarella cheese (right) and one stuffed with provolone cheese (left).  I put in baked potatoes about 10 minutes before the steak.  I added in baby bello mushrooms, red onion and baby carrots  to each baking dish stuffing in as much as possible.  Then I put the pans in the oven at 350ºF (180ºC) and baked until the vegetables were tender.

I have to tell you I was really leary on this just because I thought the vegetables would be overcooked and the meat undercooked.  Undercooked beef I can handle as we like most beef cuts rare  but overcooked vegetables are just plain nasty!  I was really concerned over how the carrots and mushrooms would come out.

stuffed flank steaks
First off the dishes we bought for the vacation house are white which plays with the camera lens.  We may add our favourite burgundy or blue yet but for now white keeps thinks light and bright.  The entire meal took about 50 minutes to cook.  We were both impressed with the results!  Pictured is the plated cooked meal.  The meal tasted every bit as good as it looks.  The stuffed flank steak had a lovely flavour that accented the vegetables cooked in the juices.  Of course I topped my baked potato with sour cream while my husband used butter and salt.  What a great, low cost dinner to enjoy while on vacation!

4 food lovers commented:

LazyTcrochet said...

It sounds really good, but I've never seen this in stores around here. I've made roulade and brachiole and cooked them whole. What else was in the filling besides cheese?

Garden Gnome said...

Hi LazyTcrochet and thanks for visiting. There was a nice layer of spinach in the filling. Only three ingredients were used: flank steak, spinach and cheese. I sprinkled on a little seasoning and that's it.

LindaG said...

Looks really delicious. Most of the stores here have nothing like that, but sometimes we go to the 'big city', and I bet the Whole Foods would have something similar.

Thanks for posting. I want to keep that in mind. :)

Robert McKinney said...

Thank you for your post,
I dont all ways shop at publix. But recently our wall mart source of beef is a horrible choice. So with all due respect I ventured over to Publix. Found these Flank Steaks. They were a little spendy so got on the net to see if others had tried it. I will follow the exact instructions but am leary. There is no liquid nor does it say to cover. I tend to butcher meat. So am trying to do it rite since it was expensive. So I will just put in in a cassarole dish and bake as instructions say.
Thank you for your help,